Progress Report

I went to the doctor today. They removed my splint (There are pics here if you want to look. Some are pretty gross, so click at your own risk) and did x-rays (which I’ll share once I can scan them in.)

Upshots: I’m healing well! I don’t need the splint anymore, and I can put 5-10% weight on my injured leg! (He said to think of it like this: if I am standing on a piece of paper, someone should be able to pull it out from under my foot without tearing it.) I can get my leg wet, which means no more showering with a vinyl boot on! He said my incision is “biologically sealed” so I can go in pools or whatever, too. (probably won’t go to the pool right now, though! it’s gross looking.) The tape on my incision can come off after 3 weeks (which, since it’s already been one, means in two weeks) and while it’s supposed to just come off by itself, it never does, so he gave me the okay to peel it up then.

I also asked about the pins and needles feeling on the right half of my foot. Apparently it’s normal, and a result of the work done on my fibula. There’s a nerve there that they often have to stretch to repair the break, and that nerve is what is causing the pins and needles sensation. It’ll get better.

I’m allowed to work my ankle and my knee, so the joints don’t freeze up. Right now the pins and needles feeling is making working the ankle uncomfortable–sometimes I can do up and down but not left and right, and sometimes it’s the opposite. My foot will feel fine/numb and then ZAP pins and needles. But I’m still gonna keep trying.

After I got home I washed my leg with handiwipes (because I was lazy) and then took a 4 hour nap. And then I wrote this. PRODUCTIVE DAY OFF.



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4 responses to “Progress Report

  1. Yay for being able to completely shower and able to move your foot and do a bit of weight-bearing. Also, your kitty looks very comfy and probably really likes the fact you don’t have a splint on anymore. 😉

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