Going Through Minor Withdrawal

Since the break, I’ve been on percocet. I’ve never taken more than the recommended amount. Despite that, I am still addicted to it.

Last week I started tapering down again (I had started to before, after the first surgery, but then my pins popped and I was in more pain than the tylenol alone could control, so I hopped back on the merry-go-round to wait until surgery 2 to taper.) I replaced 2, then 3 of my 4-per-24-hours doses with plain tylenol. I couldn’t give up that last one, though.

Friday night, I tried. The doc gave me the okay to sleep with The Boy, so he stayed the night. So nice to snuggle again! But as he snoozed next to me, I lay awake. My wrists, elbows, and knees all felt loose and detached, and I kept tossing and turning until I gave up and took a perc an hour earlier than I was supposed to take it. I managed to sleep after that.

Saturday night, I didn’t experience the joint stuff, but still had the insomnia. I slept after my 2am dose until my 8 am dose (which was tylenol only, no oxy) and then spent most of the day napping. I did some research into using the sleep aids I have from a while back in lieu of the percocet, since it is only sleeping that I am having an issue with, and I arranged with a neighbor to take the bulk of the percs from me. I have 2 in case something occurs that requires the stronger pain relief, but the rest are out of my reach for the time being. I don’t think it would be a situation where I would be unable to help myself from taking them, but better safe than sorry. I had a couple crying bouts, too, but I have no idea why I was crying. I didn’t hurt. I didn’t want the meds. I just needed to cry. *Shrug*

Last night I took ambien instead of percocet, and since it wasn’t for pain management, I took it at 10:30 when I was getting into bed. I slept fine, waking briefly every couple hours, but didn’t wake groggy. Hopefully after a week, I won’t need the ambien anymore.

I can’t remember if I mentioned, but the DC Rollergirls are the number 10 seed in the eastern region, which means they will be competing in this year’s eastern regional championship in Vermont. I was hoping to go (we knew it was a probability by June) but my time off has been eaten away by the injury and subsequent doctor appointments. I’ll still be getting my derb on, though; Friday is a closed bout between DC and Rat City, and Saturday while DC is in Philly, I’ll be in Baltimore cheering them on against Garden State and Rat City (and, fingers crossed, enjoying some Special For Charm City Flying Dog ale!!)



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4 responses to “Going Through Minor Withdrawal

  1. Sorry to hear the withdrawal is causing problems but glad you’re handling it. I hope the chocolate has helped. 😉 Good luck and have fun on the weekend.

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