Still Alive!

I’ve been working from home the past two days, so I really have no excuse not to have updated sooner, except that I was trying very hard to actually work instead of mucking about doing not-work.

Scariest thing today: In the bathroom, losing my balance. Options are falling face first into litter box or putting too much weight on broken leg. Thank Christ my right ankle stepped up to the plate and I managed to lower myself to the toilet without swan diving into cat piss or hurting myself.

The ambien has been working fabulously. I’m taking 500 mg of tylenol in the morning, and depending on how much I move around, 0-500mg in the afternoon. 5 mg of ambien at bedtime puts me to sleep, though I am going to try to go without it tonight. I’ll give it until midnight, and if I don’t fall asleep on my own, I’ll take it at bedtime through Saturday. While not GROGGY the next day, I am more prone to wanting a nap or three–I’m not groggy, but I feel like if I did close my eyes longer than a blink, I would immediately fall asleep again. This lasts until 4 or 5 pm. So I wanna get away from it as soon as possible.

As far as the Readercon fiasco goes, they released an official statement on Sunday retracting the previous statement and apologizing to the aggrieved parties, which is certainly a step in the right direction. Whether it’s enough, we’ll see.

I’ve managed to do laundry myself and clean the litter box myself, as well as do dishes myself. But dishes is the only one that is easy and not exhausting, and I haven’t attempted to vacuum since the cats spilled flour everywhere, so the carpet’s looking a bit dodgy. I have a groupon for carpet cleaning, but I want to wait until I can walk before I use it, in case I need to; or at least drive, so I can get out of the way if necessary. I have until December to use it. But I want clean carpets!!

I miss hanging with my friends. I know it’s a pain to come out to see me all the time, and I wish I could drive to see them. Some of the freshies are doing brunch saturday morning after boot camp and I want to be able to go but NO DRIVING YET. Oh well.

Saw the cardiologist yesterday for a follow-up from the 2nd surgery. They took my BP and did an EKG and would have done an echocardiogram except the tech was out sick, and the doc said I probably didn’t need it anyway. I was pronounced fine, and sent on my way within 30 minutes, which was nice.

I really miss skating.


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