My Scooter Brings All the Boys to the Yard

I went to bed last night with my 20 ounce water bottle on the dresser next to my bed. This bottle had no mold in it at bedtime. This morning, the interior was spotted with growth. Unfortunately, I overslept, so I didn’t have time to wash it.

Which is why I was going downstairs to get juice at lunchtime on the knee scooter that Killah passed on to me. As I rolled out of the office door, two people in the hall saw me and smiled. One of them was on his way to the elevators and very kindly held one for me when it arrived before I made it to the elevator lobby and he complimented me on my interesting crutch. As we zoomed down to the ground floor (without stopping on 1! VICTORY!) I told him I hurt myself doing roller derby (because I am not above sounding more awesome than I am, and also I sort of did, and also I am not above flirting with cute staffers occasionally even though I would not do more than flirt, because flirting is ego-boosting) and he laughingly said “and people say Congress doesn’t have any bite!”

Do they? Do people say that? I’d think they’d be more likely to say Congress is ineffective, because, let’s face it, it often is too busy arguing with itself to pass laws, and the ones that are passed tend to not do what they were initially proposed to do. Whatever, this isn’t a political rant post. This is an I have an awesome scooter and it’s really fun to zoom down the hall on it post.

The DCRG board is meeting tonight, and Sm’Ak, my ride, is on the board, so I am going to hang out in Union Station this evening until the meetings are done (because, as not a board member, I don’t get to attend.) This is fine, but I’d rather get some groceries purchased and my bedsheets changed and stuff. But I can’t tonight, so if any of you wanna hang out, I’ll be the possibly-bored person with a broken leg and no cast in Union Station, reading a book about traffic patterns and why we drive the way we do (because SCIENCE!)



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3 responses to “My Scooter Brings All the Boys to the Yard

  1. I want to see a picture of you on the awesome scooter. You know it hasn’t happened if there’s no pics. 😀 Glad you’re feeling better.

    • I’ll see what I can do!! Maybe at the bout tomorrow someone can help me out with a pic! 🙂

      I forgot to mention in the post, I slept without Ambien last night–not great (I woke up something like every 2 hours, but I did that the first night on Ambien and off Percocet, too, and slept straight through the night the subsequent evenings) but I did it!

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