Library Friday

Yup, I’m bringing it back now that things are normalling out. Today I’ll be talking about the Librarian Stereotype. But before I do….
things that are ridiculously more difficult than you might imagine: riding a knee scooter downhill (a slight incline! like 5 degrees!) in the rain while your leg is sweating and you are holding an umbrella.

Okay. So. We all know the librarian stereotype. The old, white woman with her hair in a bun, shushing you violently while glaring at you over her glasses. They have made a (more friendly, bunless) action figure out of just that stereotype. And sure, some librarians are older, white women with their hair in a bun, or nerdy glasses, or both. (The action figure was based on real life Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl.) And occasionally, librarians must ask patrons to be quieter. But I don’t understand how people can continue to expect that, and nothing else, when they hear the word “librarian.” Naturally, if you’re reading this, you know there’s more to librarians than shushing people, because you’ve been reading about my love affair with roller derby, which coincidentally began with a book. Stereotypes rely on lazy thinking, I know, but I just can’t seem to get my head around it. Do people think that once a white woman reaches the age of 50, or 55, she is required to apply for a position at her local public library, with no experience in the field? What makes people look at young women or men and say “pssh, you’re a librarian?” This is what a librarian looks like. Men and women of all ages, races, ethnicities. Some are tattooed and pierced, some are very conservative. There are even quite a few roller derby skaters in there. (Reading Rambo!!) And all of us want you to USE YOUR BRAIN, not stereotypes.

In derby related stuff, tonight is the DC closed bout against Rat City (Seattle) and tomorrow they’re playing Philly in Philly, and Charm City is playing Rat City in Baltimore. I’ll be at the Rat City bouts, because it’s rare for a stuck-on-the-east-coaster like me to see any of the top 10 west coast teams play live. And because it costs more money to go to Philly. And there’s special beer at the Baltimore bout. But mostly the first one.


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2 responses to “Library Friday

  1. That’s a fascinating website to the librarian pictures. Thanks for giving me another time-waster! ;p You sound as if you’re feeling better. Have a good weekend and a fun time at the bouts.

    • Aside from the horrible noises I made when my knee slipped off the kneepad of the scooter (and the pain that caused them!) I’m good! 🙂

      It’s pretty cool, huh? I was spurred to write this entry from a blog post by a brooklyn children’s librarian who got snorted at by a cvs or 7-11 clerk because she was too young to be a librarian.

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