Quiet Weekend

Friday night I watched Rat City take on DC on the flat track. I also chatted with one of the skaters about their walls, remarking that I had never seen Barbra Booey/Yankee Scandal and Lenore Gore have such a hard time getting through the pack; normally they glide through like the pack isn’t even there. The Rat City skater told me that they practice their walls in a particular way: everyone is either a 1 or a 2, and all the 1s are the pack. All the 2s are jammers, and they all try to get through the pack at the same time. The pack has to try and block them all. No wonder their defense is phenomenal! We got crushed, but learned a lot, I think. Plus, Rat City doesn’t scrum start all the time (or even most of the time!) It was so weird to see derby that starts at the pivot line!

Saturday, The Boy and I skipped Charm City because I spent like all of Saturday sleeping and we were feeling a little meh. So we spent the evening snuggled on the couch instead. And I had a beer! Because I hadn’t had pain relievers since Saturday morning. And I still haven’t had any! Although there were some moments on Sunday morning where I thought about getting some. Just random twinges of ouch. But those seem to be going away. Yay!

Sunday was equally lazy, except The Boy took out my recycling for me (it’s harder to move than trashbags are, because it has a bit more structure.)

This morning was the 2nd Monday in a row that the elevator was out when I needed to use it to go to work. I ended up scooting down 2 flights of stairs on my butt while lowering the scooter down with me, one step at a time. It was not awesome. We ended up being about 20 minutes late because of traffic and the elevator. I’m emailing the leasing office to see if there is another time the maintenance team can take the elevator offline. Also to see if we can make the temperature in the bedroom match the one in the rest of the apartment. Because that would rock. (Right now, the bedroom is warmer in the summer and colder in the winter.) It hasn’t been a huge deal before, but lately I am either freezing in the apartment or sweating in the bedroom. Also, I’ve had to plug in an extra fan, and to do it, I had to use the plug the light switch controls, which means turning the lamp out at the bulb, which is hassle-some. Especially when you’re not allowed to stand properly on both feet.



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2 responses to “Quiet Weekend

  1. The quiet weekend was probably what you needed. Yay for not needing meds, but boo for the elevator being out. That sucks just as everyone is going to work, especially when you can’t walk yet!

    • I’d like a few more quiet snoozy days! I’m pretty tired. The Boy has blackout curtains in his room, and we stayed there Friday night, and it was SO HARD to get out of bed!

      The leasing office said they think it’s fixed, so it won’t be out again. Hopefully they’re right!

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