recovery proceeds apace

Friday, when I metroed to meet my ride to the bout, I had a bit of an adventure. We were meeting at Tenleytown. I had never been to that station. When I got off the train I looked for the handicap signs that direct you to the elevator. I found none. Eventually I decided to try and take the escalator with my scooter. I made it up but couldn’t get past the top without help (and my bag spilled ALL OVER) though thankfully, a number of commuters stopped to assist me. Turns out that there is an elevator, as well as super tiny signs directing you to it, but only on the train level to ground level–it doesn’t stop on the mezzanine, and there is no elevator from the mezz to street level. Which I found out after I exited the station and discovered a REALLY LONG ESCALATOR was my only way up. Since that hadn’t gone so well the first time, I asked a metro employee for help getting back down. She told me she wasn’t allowed to, then took my scooter from me in an attempt to show me how to get down myself (when we were a good 10 feet away from the escalator, so I was like “uhm…I can’t move now….”) Happily Freshie K was there and helped me get down, and we elevated up to street level. There were some small signs indicating the elevator’s location on the pillars (like, seriously, the wheelchair guy was no bigger than my fist, on pillars that are like 8 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot, but only on some of them, not all of them.) The ones that go on the walls next to the station names? Nonexistent. Alls well that ends well, I guess, but it’s pretty ridiculous that metro employees aren’t allowed to help people.

I removed the steri-strips from my ankle. Now I have red stripes of irritated skin that won’t go away. Fun! Oh well. The rotation of guards at the building entrance at 1st and C all know me now, and the past couple days they’ve been more accommodating in getting me through security (this morning one put my bag on the conveyor belt and got it back from the belt for me, which is nice because getting over to the belt and then out of people’s way is hard to do quickly). Sometimes when I stand up, I think I am putting more than 5-10% of my weight on my foot, but it doesn’t hurt. Then I deliberately do it, and it does. So maybe my left thigh is just superpowered now. 2 weeks until I see the ortho and hear about how I’m healing (and hopefully, that I can drive. SO SICK OF NOT BEING ABLE TO DRIVE!)

Re: Yesterday’s reblog, I hope you went through and read that girl’s story (all four parts are posted.) It’s important that we as a society learn that sexual predators are almost never evil dudes hiding in wait in dark alleys to attack sluts; they are right there on the sidewalks and in the dorms and in our offices and our classrooms, preying no our sisters and nieces and cousins and friends.


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