1. There’s this thing, see, and I am excited and desirous of good wishes/luck to further my aims in regard to that thing, but I can’t talk about it right now, but OH MY GOD I AM EXCITED AT THE MERE PROSPECT OF THE THING.

2. I am grateful not to have a cast, because it was a huge pain in the ass, but I think it served as an unavoidable reminder that I am injured that I really kind of need.

2a. I think I put all my weight (like, ALL all, not just the normal amount it takes when I am standing on two legs) on my leg this morning getting into the tub to shower. It had no obvious ill-effects, but I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT.

3. I shaved over my incisions for the first time today! It was scary. One of them is all scabby looking, and the other is all bumpy with suture-dimples, and I was very nervous. But it went well! It’s not 100% hairless but it’s close! And no injuries! I didn’t cut myself or anything!

4. I think either the surgery changed the angle of my bones, or my ankle is still swollen, because the bits that stick out? you know? they stick out less. Still. I dunno what’s up with that.

5. Sm’Ak took me grocery shopping last night. It was fun! Which is weird because when is grocery shopping fun? But I like that my injury enabled us to spend more time together.

6. The DC Rollergirls are total “cute” enablers. They keep posting kitties and puppies and MONKEYS CUDDLING TIGERS on my FB page.



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5 responses to “Hodgepodge.

  1. I will send you good thoughts and energy for YOUR THING!

    I do think putting your whole weight on your bad leg WHILE IN THE SHOWER! is not a good thing. Try a little at a time while still using the crutches or support of some kind – but not in the shower. Don’t make me write any more limericks! /stern voice

    I do enjoy grocery shopping. Did you scoot around on your scooter?

    • thank you!

      I didn’t do it on purpose! I was getting in the tub/getting my but on my shower stool and it just sort of happened. Because it is the natural way to do that (normally I sit down and spin both legs in but I wasn’t thinking about how I was getting in and just did it right leg first. I was sitting on the stool, but there was definitely weight on that leg.

      I do! Because of the scooter I need someone else to push the cart (plus, of course, I can’t drive yet) so I scoot to the foods I need and the cart pusher trails behind. I really like scootering around the grocery store. Especially when it isn’t crowded. I can go so fast!

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