Today is mostly better.

Despite starting out with ridiculous not feeling goodness. I woke with a headache and upset stomach, which was lame, but my imitrex took care of that by 10 or so (I was hoping a dose of sinus congestion and pain meds would help, but when I was still feeling awful at 9:15 or so I went for the big guns. And ginger ale, because tummies like it.)

I went down to the disbursing office to see if I could get an exception to the waiting until november and december open enrollment time for work insurance, and I could! Losing alternate coverage counts as a life-changing event that allows for a loophole, so I got a pamphlet and sign up sheet from them, and I filled it out and returned it at lunch time, after I had a chance to look at the pamphlet and to see what coverage options were available. I am not covered until the start of the next pay period (September 1st) and until I get the card I may have to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed later, but this is much better than the thought of doing 2 months of examinations, x-rays, and PT without insurance. YAY, COVERAGE!

When I came home I caught the cats before they escaped, finally. Sometimes I can just plow into the apartment on the scooter and they back off but lately Fitzy has been doing this thing where he darts around the wheel closest to the door jamb, and it’s hard to catch him. I got the door closed after him so Zelda wouldn’t escape, and I snagged him just feet from the door and got him inside with little fuss. And then I discovered something tiny but awesome: he purrs when I snuggle him. I can’t hear if if I listen near his face, but I can if I put my ear to his body. It’s rare to hear him purr (at least, to hear it from his face!) so I thought he just didn’t do it much but apparently he does it VERY QUIETLY. (Unless he is stressed, then he shivers and stress purrs very loudly)

I was telling the security guard who wands me in the morning (since I can’t scooter through the metal detector) that this is hopefully the last week we’ll be doing this (I want to start walking with or without a can SO BADLY) and he was teasing me. “naw. one more week.” And I was talking to one of the deputy archivists about how I hope to start walking soon, and he asked when I’d get to dance, lol. Who needs to boogie? I need to ROLLERSKATE!

DCRG has made the 2012-2013 schedule public! The Sept. 22 fun bout is a fundraiser bout, but the details aren’t set yet. However, you should save your pennies because we’re totally gonna have fun stuff for you! The season officially opens with the October bout. As always, I’ll be there for all the bouts with my sparkly fez, wrangling the bouncers (maybe with a pimped out cane, too!) Hope you’ll join me!



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4 responses to “Today is mostly better.

  1. I’m so glad your insurance worked out, Mels. That must be a relief. And a purry kitty is one of the best things in life. 😉

    • Big relief!

      Now that I’ve discovered I have to listen to his neck and not his face, I keep checking to see if he is purring. He purrs a LOT more than I thought! (though it is only audible without checking when he is hungry.)

  2. 1. Obtain marine air horn.*
    2. Open door a crack.
    3. When kitties begin to make for door, push button.

    Your cats will never come near the door ever again.
    * Might want to possibly obtain ear plugs as well.

    • you’d THINK that, but these little bastards are tricksy! The Boy lent me a device that makes a loud noise (and can also hiss compressed air) if cats get in the motion detection sensored area, to keep them off the kitchen counter. They keep trying because I sometimes turn it off (to do stuff in the kitchen) and forget to reset it. So they know sometimes it is off, and keep trying to jump on the counter on the off-chance they won’t be bleated at.

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