Here’s a peek into how my brain works. At 10 am, I saw a link that thrilled me and made me want to skip working until a blog post was done. My desire to remain employed prevailed, and I waited until lunch. Then I had to wrack my brain to remember what I was so excited about! Oh well.

When I was 21, I dropped out of college. I was miserable there, and dealing with lots of issues, and I never wanted to leave my room. (Seriously, I peed in the cat’s litterbox once to avoid leaving my room and encountering one of my housemates. DID NOT WANT.) I moved home, and then to my brother’s place, then back home when he got married. I went back to school, but my parents weren’t paying for it this time, so I needed a job. The week of Halloween 2003, I started working at Tower Records. I was there for 3 years (well, 2 years and 11 months) and I complained a lot about it, but I also loved it. (Sounds familiar, huh?) I met people I adore, who introduced me to other people I adore. Friends from high school used to delight in telling people I worked in Empire Records (which was written by a former Tower employee, though it didn’t reflect my experience at Tower!) I worked a number of different positions in those three years, including Magazines Merchandiser, when I brought our store into the top 5 for magazine sales (yeah, I’m bragging) and helped create a guide to mags merchandising. I left mainly because I couldn’t afford to stay.

In December of 2006, Tower Records stores all over the world (except in Japan, where it is a separate company) closed their doors forever. It was the suckiest day ever. But The Center for Sacramento History is commemorating the 46 years of Tower Records with the Tower Records Project. They need money to get the project up and running, and to keep it going. Please to be donating?

And while you are thinking about getting your wallets out, one more thing. You know that whole roller derby thing I keep talking about? Well, the DC All-Stars are ranked 10th in the eastern region, and they want to go to regionals and compete against the other 9 leagues. DCRG doesn’t have a travel budget; the skaters pay their own way when they compete. If you contribute money to help get them to Vermont, the shorts you see on that page will be worn by our very own Dual Hitizen for a photo shoot (which, obviously, we will then show you.) YOU WANT TO SEE THE FUNNY FRENCHWOMAN IN THE FUNNY PANTS. YOU KNOW YOU DO.

In other news, got my appointment for Friday postponed, which is both good and bad. Good, because I’ll have insurance to cover the costs, and bad, because it means TWO MORE WEEKS OF NOT WALKING. Bah.



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  1. I worked at Sam Goody’s for two years, and I have to say, I’ve had worse jobs. Granted, the extremely cute, pierced lesbian I crushed on the whole time had a lot to do with that…

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