Trying to focus on positives

so this will be a short post :/

1. Celebrated Comma’s birthday last night at the Wonderland Ballroom, and as always, it takes mere seconds of hanging out with mah rollergirls to calm my brain chemistry down.
2. I have an insurance card! I will possibly have meds tonight!
3. My left calf and my right thigh (and to a lesser extent my left thigh) feel like they are made of steel. STEEL! with a little foam padding. But still. STEEEEEEEEEEEL. (And it’s funny to poke my right calf and feel how spongy it is in comparison)

I don’t know who this guy is, at least not from the name. My friend linked this on FB though, and it was very much needed. It’s long, and there’s a lot there, but if nothing else:

And please. Always remember that beautiful experiences and massive amounts of love are on their way. If you are able to feel pain and sadness this profoundly, more than most people can ever imagine, remind yourself that you can feel happiness and joy and love this profoundly as well, and that’s our little reward as depressed people. We feel things harder than other people do, and when those things are negative they are complete and total torture. But while we feel pain harder than other people have to, we feel beauty and joy and love harder than anyone else gets to, and that’s the victory that’s waiting on the other side of this pain for you. Hang on. Be tough. Better times are coming. Beautiful things and loving people are already out there, and when this cloud passes you get to experience them all so, so deeply.


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4 responses to “Trying to focus on positives

  1. Yay for getting your insurance card – and for legs of steel (or at least three-quarters!). *hugs* Hang in there, Mels.

  2. And he is so right! That was one of the main reasons for my worries when I finally admitted that maybe I did need some medication. I didn’t want to live life like a zombie and not be able to find joy or amusement in stuff like I do now. Except he puts it a lot better than I do.. *Big Hugs*

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