Beer Weekend

Sorry about Friday-it was a busy day where most everything went wrong, annoyingly.

Friday night was the comps information session, for the new format of exams. I am not looking forward to writing 20 pages in 48 hours.

Saturday The Boy and I drove down to NC to celebrate the housewarming of some of his friends from post-grad, and to take part in a beer tournament. Four American hefeweizen versus Four German. (Germany won by the skin of their teeth.) I hadn’t met these friends yet, but they were warm and welcoming, and I really enjoyed our trip. We stopped at a beer shop on the way there, and there were some Carolina Rollergirls there. I had on my All-Stars tank top, and while I was too shy to approach them, I made sure my shirt was readable. They noticed, and we talked briefly before we continued to our destination. Saturday night before the tourney I had a migraine, but I took a pill and lay down upstairs for a bit, and all was well. The Boy helped clean up after the party ended (and I stood around fretting about how I couldn’t help until I went to bed) and in the morning we had brunch before heading back to MD.

today I return to a frustrating world of red tape. I am having issues with insurance and haven’t heard back from the customer advocate for the other thing since the 6th (I called today, but had to leave a message). Last night when we got to my place, The Boy didn’t realize the scooter was on an incline and as I started to lean toward it, it rolled away, forcing me to stand on my broken leg, or fall on my knee. (I chose the former.) It didn’t hurt at the time, but I’m really sore today.

The DCRG pre-season International Fun Bout is this Saturday, September 22nd at 4pm! Come on out!


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