sorry! also: WTF?

sorry guys, this week I’m working late because on Friday I couldn’t get the telecommuting thing to work while my car was in the shop. It’s very exhausting and busy and means I never ever have time for you right now. Plus comps are coming. So I’mma move to a M-W-F format for a bit.

Now for the WTFery. Monday when I came home from work, my ankle was itchy near the bottom of one of the incision scars. when I scratched the itch, I noticed that I could feel the metal more than usual. I looked at my leg from the side and it appeared all raised up. Like, the underscores that follow are my natural leg line and the hyphens are the legline as affected by the plate beneath: _—–___
I basically tried not to look at it and when I woke up in the morning everything was back to normal. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY LEG WHY DID IT DO THAT OH MY GOD



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4 responses to “sorry! also: WTF?

  1. Um, I hope you went to the doctor and had them look at the plate. :/

  2. What Rachel said! Doesn’t matter if it looks normal now – if it looked like that then perhaps things are moving around that shouldn’t be, in which case in would be better to get them back in place where they belong than for them to run around loose causing other problems!

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