Bout Report and Potential Good News

Hi guys! This was a busy, mostly-derby-filled weekend! This is pretty long, so…

Friday after work I went to my parents’ house because they needed help with the neighborhood yard sale Saturday morning. It was also my mother’s birthday, so we enjoyed some lobster for dinner. (Mom and dad ate earlier than my arrival, because mom likes to eat dinner at 5 like some sort of elderly person. But they picked me up a lobster too, and I ate it when I got there. Growing up in New England has its perks, y’all.) It turns out they didn’t just need someone to mind the home-sale because Dad was wandering around checking on the other participants in the neighborhood yard sale, but because my dad sprained his ankle running last week, and is SUPPOSED to be using crutches. He mostly isn’t, because he’s dumb. Mom took photos of us Friday night, he on the long couch and I on the love seat, with our crutches nearby and ice packs on our ankles. Our Gimpy Family. I got to watch the first 3 episodes of Doctor Who on demand, and dad occasionally paid attention and mostly read a book, graciously letting me watch 3 stolen hours of TV instead of forcing me to watch football. (With no cable at home, I don’t watch TV much anymore. Basically, if it isn’t Parenthood, I’m too lazy to stream it. Although if Doctor Who were available for free streaming, I so would.) Saturday morning went well, and mom and dad, more interested in getting rid of stuff than making money, happily stuffed my car full of stuff, including a table and folding chair.

From their place, I drove into DC for the bout at the Armory. This bout was a big deal for two reasons. First, we were hosting Berlin’s Bear City (the link is in English! You can read it in German, too, I imagine, if you read German. Which I don’t.) If I’m not misunderstanding things, this was Bear City’s first WFTDA sanctioned bout, and it was a doozy! DCRG took an early lead with the first jam, but Bear City wasn’t taking things lying down. The score stayed incredibly close, and the lead switched back and forth for the first half. DC fought hard but as the bout wound down, the final score was 154-137 in favor of Bear City. It was amazing to watch!

The second bout of our doubleheader is the other reason Saturday was a big deal. This weekend is the Sugarbush Showdown, AKA 2012 Eastern Regionals, and the DC All-Stars, ranked 10 in the east, are competing this year! In order to have a full roster of super-skilled skaters (Say that 5 times fast!) they’ve been doing a lot of fundraising, including earning $1000 in donations with the promise of a photo shoot featuring Dual Hitizen, Majority Whip and World Cup Team France member, wearing some very American jorts. Saturday was our last big fundraising event: the Fun(draising) Bout. The teams were initially the City Slickers vs the Suburbanites (members from all four teams joined based on where they live.) This was a silly free for all where fans controlled the action by paying for results. I paid $5 to have Limbs Akimbo, one of our refs, to jam. Someone else had paid for Refsputin, our head ref, to jam too, so they jammed against one another! Someone had paid for hit immunity for Limbs, too, so she scored a ton of grand slams because no one could block her! There were jams where they skated in non-derby direction (clockwise), jams where the refs formed a team against the skaters, jams where there were no penalties called, skaters paying to get out of the box, refs sent to the box, skaters switching teams, a break for dancing the Cupid Shuffle (in skates!) and Gungnam Style…SO MUCH FUN. And we raised a lot of money for the band the All Stars đŸ˜€ It was a blast. The final score was a tie, 346 all. I suspect this will be an annual event!

Yesterday, after level 2 and 3 tryouts, (congrats to all who passed!!) there was an expo bout at Temple Hills, where the Cherry Blossom Bombshells skated against the Majority Whips. I have no idea what happened during the bout, because I was working tickets, but after the expo bout they screened Derby, Baby: A Story of Love, Addiction and Rink Rash and it was great to get a chance to see the doc after months of following their twitter account. Hoping to get my very own copy. And Dual Hitizen made a brief cameo, sitting on the World Cup bench with Team France! We all cheered when her face filled the screen. And, since I hadn’t had time to unload my car, the table and chair in my trunk came in handy, playing host to baked goods for sale and someone’s butt.

This morning I went to the doctor. I can see why people who don’t already have a team of specialists they like prefer Kaiser Permanente, it was really easy to do my appointment, get my leg x-rayed, and get my referral, and the nursing staff was super nice and friendly. I asked about my wavy leg, and was told that it was most likely fluids building up and elevation will help, but that it may never go away, and a compression sock can help prevent swelling from starting. (Ed or Alive, our EMT head at derby, had mentioned Saturday that it might be fluids building up there, so I’m glad he was probably right!) Both the doc and the x-ray techs commented on my crutches, making me think that after Friday I’ll be walking, so fingers crossed! There was a cursory exam of my leg, and everything seems normal, so as long as the x-ray turns out, I expect I’m good to start PT! The internist I saw today also mentioned that my cymbalta will be covered if the neuro says nothing else helps, so I just have to see their neuro to agree. I’m not sure it’ll be that simple, but I’m good for meds for now.


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