What’s that, calendar? I should use you?

Sorry guys, my ability to know what day of the week it is is on the fritz.

Here’s some more state of the leg:
during my appointment on Monday, the doc said that the swelling in my ankle and foot would probably be prevented by wearing compression socks or a compression cuff. He was not correct. I wore my cuff on Tuesday and ended up with a huge lump on my shin just above where the cuff ended. I elevated my leg all evening Tuesday and overnight, but it was still there yesterday morning. I elevated and iced last night, and it’s still there. Tonight I try elevation and heat. (Obviously, I have discontinued use of cuff.)

Switching topics, it’s been a little frustrating at work. The drive on which the electronic files to be archived are stored died on Friday, and while the drive was replaced quickly, the process for restoring data took ages and a lot of it is just lost. Then yesterday a ton of files and subfolders in the folder I was working on went missing over the course of an hour. I closed Microsoft explorer, had lunch, and when I opened it back up, they were gone. We got them restored, but all the work I had spent the morning doing was gone too, since the restore point was from the night before. The work itself is proceeding well, though, and I’m still loving it. We’re having lunch with another archivist in the building and her interns today, so they can get a look at our operation. We did it with her previous batch of interns when I was still an intern, so after lunch when we do show and tell, I’ll probably bug off to my desk rather than see what they’re up to (especially since there are lots of stairs in that office!) but it’s good to get together and compare notes and that sort of thing.

The event page for next month’s season opener for DCRG is up already, and we’re doing a contest for locals: submit a photo you took of the DCRG bus ad to the DCRG facebook page or twitter account (include the hashtage: #DCRGonabus) and get entered to win 2 free tickets to the October bout! (also: OMG WE HAVE AN AD ON THE SIDE OF A METRO BUS SO COOOOOOOL!) Also, tomorrow the All Stars take on Boston’s Derby Dames for their first bout at Easterns! Kick ass, ladies!


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