No Scooter! Yes, crutches.

Just finished listening to the DC Allstars take on Boston Massacre 226-131 Boston, alas. That seems like a big point gap but jam for jam, that was a super-close game and DC was great. We’ve moved into the consolation bracket, but we’re not defeated! Those ladies left it all out on the track, they didn’t hold anything back, and they skated hard. Up next is the anticipated rematch of London versus Montreal, which last year was the last bout of the weekend and was a 1 point game. So I’ll listen to that, too. It actually makes working easier listening to the games, but I have bounced silently in my chair a few times.

Went to the doctor this morning. He was very nice. He said my breaks both look great and that I can definitely increase the amount of weight I’m putting on my leg. So no more scooter! But I can’t just walk on my own or with a cane yet, I’m still using crutches. He told me to put as much weight as I could without pain, and it seems like at least 80% to me. He predicted I’d be using one crutch next week, which I hope is true, and said that he won’t send me to do PT until I can bear all my weight on my leg, and that I might not need it at all. Once I am 100% weight bearing on my right leg, I’ll start doing the exercises I learned doing PT for my sprain anyway, because it seems stupid that I wouldn’t get any PT. The doctor was also surprised at my age because I look younger. That’s probably helped by the fact that I’m wearing jeans today.

After work I’m going to hear Neil Gaiman do a reading at my alma mater, along with some friends. SO EXCITED!



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4 responses to “No Scooter! Yes, crutches.

  1. Yay for leg improvement!! Crutches will help while you adjust to putting more weight your leg so that’s a plus.

    Have a good weekend.

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