The All-Stars are SUPERSTARS

So this weekend was the Sugarbush Showdown in lovely Burlington, Vermont. 10 travel teams competed to be one of the top three in the region and the chance to go to championships in Atlanta. DC was seeded 10th out of those teams at the start of the tourney. They started out playing 7th seed Boston Massacre, and were bounced to the consolation bracket (places 5-10) after a tense Friday morning game (the final score was 226-131). You can read the WFTDA write up here.

Saturday was DCRG’s crowning glory. In the consolation bracket, they went up against the Steel City Derby Demons, who came into the weekend as the 5th seed. It was a tight nailbiter, but when the final jam was called off, the score was DC 239 to Steel City’s 223! (WFTDA write up) This guaranteed that DC would leave regionals at no lower than 8th place in the region! Later in the day, DC took the track again, this time against 8th seed Carolina Rollergirls, who the All-Stars had never beaten. It was another barnburner, with DC coming out on top 210-179! (WFTDA write up)

Sunday morning saw DC battling with Montreal’s New Skids on the Block to see who would go home in 5th place and who would take 6th. Montreal started the weekend the 3rd seed, and were no doubt frustrated to be finishing lower, but they were by no means demoralized! They ended up winning the match, but the DC All-Stars were still victorious, finishing the weekend ranked 6th in the region! And Montreal and their fans are total class acts. The skaters of course weren’t going to hand the game to us, but those not rostered and all their fans cheered just as hard for DC as for New Skids. (No WFTDA bout recap was posted at time of writing)

The video feed was $12 for the weekend, and alas, I need to spend that $12 on gas or food or electricity or rent, but WFTDA.TV offered free audio feeds and I listened to all the DC games this weekend. It was occasionally frustrating not being able to see the action (especially since friends who had purchased the video feed were occasionally complaining about calls and lacks-thereof and I wanted to see if I agreed, but in some ways, it was even more exciting only being able to listen. These were incredibly intense bouts, and more than once DC was referred to as the Cinderella story of the weekend. Our bout against Steel City was called the upset of the year!

For the past two years, it’s been obvious to most that the top two places would go to Gotham and Philly, but this years bout for 3rd place (and the lowest ranked position to go to championships) was a bit of a mystery going into it. Charm City, Baltimore’s league, was seeded 4th at the start of the tourney, and were playing London Brawling, the 6th seed. If London won, this year’s championships would be the first truly international championships; if Charm won, they’d be going to champs for the second year in a row. Charm’s all-star team includes a couple former DCRG skaters, and when not skating against them, I usually root for Charm over most teams. But the history-in-the-making aspect of London going (plus the fact that London is an awesome team and also make some really awesome videos!) made me want to cheer for them. In the end, I decided not to listen to the game, and be happy with whichever outcome. As it happens, Charm City will be competing in Atlanta, and I am thrilled for them. But if someone forced me right now to guess who would be in that 3rd seed spot next year, I think it’ll be London Brawling. Those girls want it, and they want it bad. Everyone else is gonna have to work their asses off to stay on, or claw their way to, the top.

Congratulations to Gotham, Philly, and Charm on advancing to championships. That is awesome. But I think the stars of the weekend really were DC; I’m biased, I know, but they were amazing. Win or lose I’m always proud to be a part of the DC league, but knowing how hard my league’s skaters worked, I can honestly say I’ve never been prouder. Three stars, two bars, one heart. DC.


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