Swift Progress

Last Friday when I saw the new ortho, he said I’d likely be on one crutch this week. Over the weekend, I doubted it; I couldn’t figure out how to do it! I sort of tested it out while still using both crutches, trying to avoid using one. It didn’t work out so well. Monday saw me using both crutches as I hobbled into work. Monday night I decided I was going to at least figure out how to get by with just one, even if I wasn’t going to give up the second crutch just yet. I started with the crutch under my right arm, since the right leg is injured. My stride was drastically shortened due to muscle shrinkage, but I could do it! I could also stand on just my right leg, though the one-crutching attempts showed that walking was not yet a possibility, again due to muscle issues. I told The Boy that while I could do it, I wasn’t sure if I should start doing it regularly yet. He rightly pointed out that it doesn’t hurt anything to take it slow. However…

Tuesday morning brought downpours with it. You try holding an umbrella while walking with two crutches! So I single-crutched it to my car. Since I sit for most of the day, the walk from my car to my office and vice versa is the most serious workout I’m currently getting. It was pretty easy if fairly annoying (I normally walk pretty quickly, and now I’m getting passed by people who are ambling along with their noses glued to their cell phones!) and I got a lot of rest between workouts as I sat at my desk most of the day. Yesterday morning I also took a couple steps unassisted (to get more TP in the bathroom) without problem, and this morning almost all the walking around the apartment was done unassisted. It’s limpy, but unassisted. I’m only doing that in the apartment for now, because I’m never going very far. I don’t plan on trying it elsewhere (like, say, for a work day!) until next week.

I’m really questioning the doc’s suggestion that physical therapy won’t be necessary. I haven’t been doing any weight bearing exercises, but I did start doing my ABCs under my desk and using the resistance band to work my ankle muscles. I’d really like to walk like a normal person and not Frankenstein’s monster or a zombie. Right now the muscles are atrophied and tightened, and so when I move my right leg, even though I am trying not to keep my knee straight, it LOOKS like I’m goosestepping. I’m pretty sure this would be addressed with supervised exercise.

My leg rebels at supporting much weight only at the toes (like one would shift weight from the right leg to the left while walking normally) and whether with both crutches, one crutch, or no crutches, the bottom of my heel aches, like the padding between the bone and the floor is all gone. I’ve started wearing my cheap gym sneakers because they have more padding than regular shoes (fortunately, the dress code is relaxed during recess, though since it is for an injury, this would be okay anyway) and that helps. It just seems weird to me.




2 responses to “Swift Progress

  1. It sounds like you are making good progress, but I would definitely ask for PT. In BC, you can go to a physio on your own without a doctor’s referral and I have done that, but I don’t know what your regs are or whether it makes a difference to your insurance.

    Physios can also assess your injury and give you exercises to do at home.

    Good luck.

    • yeah, MD is an “at will” state, so I don’t need a prescription, but insurance won’t cover it without. I was so surprised when the doc said I probably wouldn’t need PT, and that he wouldn’t start it until I was bearing weight on my leg anyway. I don’t see him again until the 26th, so I’m kinda screwed as far as PT goes until then.

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