Long Weekend

This weekend was my first attempt at practicing for comps. I don’t think it went well. I struggled a great deal with the latter half, and found it an extremely frustrating experience. When I sent it to my advisor, she said that she could see a great improvement from just giving it a once-over and she would share it with some other professors and get back to me with feedback, so hopefully some of that will help.

Monday was a holiday, since I am a federal employee, so I got a long weekend. Spent Monday doing laundry and celebrating Columbus Day by watching Slither (which, I think, some people might find appropriate!)

All weekend around the apartment, I walked without the crutch. (All short distances.) When I went to the Boy’s on Monday, I forgot to bring my crutch when I left the apartment, and I decided it wouldn’t be a big deal, so I didn’t go back in and get it. During the day I felt fine, but when I got up Tuesday morning, I was SO SORE! I couldn’t walk without the crutch at all. I obviously over did it. (His place is bigger and has stairs, so….) Today I brought the crutch in but within the office space itself I am walking without, and only when I go out in the hall or go downstairs do I use my crutch.

While walking from my car this morning, I ran into one of the other freshies who works in the same area as I do (in the librarianship and the geographical sense, though not for the same employer) who was walking from the metro. It was neat to see her, although upon learning where she works I had to swallow the urge to ask about a job (especially since I already know the hiring process for most gov’t jobs doesn’t make recommending someone for a position a possibility). She had her gear with her and will be skating after work. I’m so envious! Today (and Monday, actually) when I walk, I look like I’m trying to be in a rap video (but not as the bikini-clad lady. As the rapper, or his posse.) It is not a good look for me. But I got in and out of the shower without using the crutch at all today, and I can stand up the entire time (the shower stool has been out of the bathroom for a week or so, too.) I just want my convalescence to be over already!

This weekend is the lucky season seven opener for DCRG! Scare Force One and the Majority Whips kick things off at 4 pm, and the DC Demoncats take on the Cherry Blossom Bombshells at 5:45. Only $12 for almost 4 hours of entertainment–WAY cheaper than a movie, or anything you might want to do in DC except for the Smithsonian. Plus? BEER!


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