Bout Report and General Update

This weekend was pretty good! I got feedback on my practice comp and it’s a lot better than I expected. Saturday was bout day, and I enjoyed seeing everyone and occasionally showing off my ability to walk without the crutch. I spent yesterday with The Boy. I did have some insomnia both Saturday night and last night, which I’ll get to a little farther down in the update.

I walked with the crutch all day Saturday, because I knew I’d be walking a lot. I had to ice my ankle Saturday night, it was SO SORE. But My limp is less pronounced today, with or without the crutch, so that’s good, and I have increased my non-crutch walking area at the office to include the bathroom. I didn’t get to watch much of the bouts on Saturday, but Scare Force beat the Whips (though the Whips took the lead early and were playing a good game!) and the Bombshells beat the Demoncats, though it was close for most of the game. Final scores were 292-88 for the first bout and 154-102 for the second one. I got to see lots of friends at the bout, and then had a great time at the after party. I also met a fan who wants to try out but has some social anxiety issues, and I think I helped her a bit by explaining how encouraging the girls have been to me. I always end up feeling really loved at bout days, so many of the girls asked after me, and are looking forward to skating with me when I can, and I tried to communicate that to this fan. Hopefully we’ll be in meat camp together next summer. We had some new vols this time, too, who were fun to hang with. I enjoyed myself.

I went to the Boy’s after, and I didn’t end up falling asleep until after 3:30 am, which was weird. I wasn’t worrying or upset about anything, my brain just wouldn’t shut down. The same thing happened last night. Then, this morning, got like a post-insomnia cause–no food AND no money. If this had come to my attention at the start of the weekend, I can understand the insomnia. As it is, I have no idea what is up. I had a bit of a freak out, but my friend QG helped keep it little, and I got to practice telling myself that just because I screwed up right now doesn’t mean I am a failure, which is something I have to keep trying to convince myself of.



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2 responses to “Bout Report and General Update

  1. Honey, you are the exact OPPOSITE of failure. If you’ll indulge the somewhat untimely metaphor: you are a girl who stays on her skates. No matter how many times you get elbowed or knocked over: YOU STAY ON YOUR SKATES. And I admire that. You’re definitely one of *my* inspirations.

    • Aw, Mere, thank you. Especially on days when I’ve been applying and applying for jobs and can’t even get an interview, and then I have to rely on my parents to cover basic stuff, I definitely feel like one, and have a hard time convincing myself otherwise. But, like I told another friend, everyone is always harder on themselves than their friends, and I’d never think a friend was a failure because of that, so I shouldn’t think it of myself, either.

      Speaking of staying on my skates, I came to work without my crutch today! The limp is a little more pronounced (I went grocery shopping without it last night, too (Dad gave me money)) but I’m walking on my own!

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