Healing proceeds apace.

Monday night, after my dad transferred some money to me so I don’t have to sell all my belongings and move into my car, I went grocery shopping. I went without a crutch. It went so well, I didn’t bring my crutch to work yesterday! Although by the end of the day my limp was more pronounced. Today I also didn’t bring it, and I’m limping even more, so I am wondering if I should ask Styx if I can borrow her cane, or if I should go back to using the crutch, or maybe just suck it up as a consequence of not using my leg for three months and then starting to use it. The doctor said to let the pain be my guide, and it doesn’t hurt much. It aches at the end of the day (and this morning, because I was trying to hurry) but not very badly. I just don’t know if I’m doing more damage or healing by walking on my own.

I mainly focused on the bouts on monday, but there were two very big deals at Saturday’s bout. But if you like the bout recaps for the sport, DCist has a great write up with photos by our photographer, from a larger set you can see here. They include photos of DC’s Mayor Gray giving a speech before blowing the opening whistle of the season. He talked about DC sports and DCRG’s charity efforts (we collected/donated over 17 grand to different causes last season!) before talking about marriage equality, because we had a gay wedding at halftime! There was a fan in the stands who booed every time the mayor said the phrase “marriage equality,” though this fan was mostly drowned out by cheers. I had a visceral reaction that proves I probably shouldn’t be given any more power than I currently wield within DCRG (I wanted to go tell him to GTFO, or at the very least, to be respectful) but our volunteer and bout day coordinator’s cooler heads prevailed as they reminded me that he has a right to express his opinion, and also he is old so he’ll die soon. I told Pants that I hoped he died, but not at the armory, and she laughingly said that bouncers are in charge of dead body removal. Happily, this fan left before the wedding, which happened between the first and second bouts. (Thug got a few pics of the ceremony, so be sure to check those out!) This wasn’t the official ceremony, which was taking place the next day, but a way to incorporate the league members and volunteers who couldn’t make it or who the couple couldn’t afford to invite to the official nuptials, as the brides and the officiant were all DC Rollergirls. Ovary Action officiated, leading a ceremony with derby-related vows shared between Hoovah Dayum and Allbie Dayum’d, who skated on wearing a necktie and a top hat over her helmet (Dayum) and a veil and wedding dress (Allbie). Each team knelt at a track turn, and after the ceremony those at turns 1 and 2 grouped together and those at 3 and 4 grouped together. Dayum threw her bouquet to turns 1 and 2 at the same time as Allbie threw hers to turns 3 and 4. There was *quite* the scramble for Allbie’s bouquet, resulting in two of the rollergirls rolling on the track in a good-natured tussle. 🙂 It was really amazing to be a part of their wedding weekend.

In other derby-related news, WFTDA is implementing a new playoff structure. Since the addition of Australian and European leagues, a regional structure hasn’t made sense, especially since it was so US-focused, so I think this is a good thing. It might also put stuff like the earlier scandal about skaters changing league affiliations before the playoffs-trade-cut off in a better light, since we’re acting a bit more like a sport. Time will tell, I guess.

I’m still having periods where I have to remind myself I’m not a failure, but I also went to a work-sponsored class about writing a great resume, and I plan on spending part of the evening tonight putting the suggestions into practice before I apply to a slew of job openings I’ve collected over the past week or so. (I signed up a week or so ago for the class, so I thought I’d wait until I learned things before I applied to these) and hopefully I’ll get some interviews at least. I also have signed up with a meet up group of archivists and records managers and the like in the city, and once comps are over will start networking that way, plus my professional association memberships do events that I’ll be able to do once comps are done, too, that should help. I hope.



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2 responses to “Healing proceeds apace.

  1. Good luck with your resume, applications and interviews – not something I like doing. 😦

    If you’re still limping at all, you should be using your crutch or a cane. That’s why I was on crutches for six months. I was walking on my foot the whole time, but if I didn’t have them, I limped and that causes further complications like back and hip problems. Don’t take the chance. As long as you can weight-bear without limping, that’s good, but maybe keep a cane handy for the end of the day.

    You rock, Mels. I know I have nothing to do with it, but I’m so proud of all you’re doing in your life right now. Keep it up!

    • dammit, WP ate my reply! Thanks, Sams! You do have something to do with it–you’re my cheerleader!

      I’ll probably email my doc (that’s one point solidly in Kaiser’s favor!) and ask about it, but it’s all muscle stuff that causes the limping, and I feel like it can’t get better without using them. I wish I could start PT already!!

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