Weird Day

Last night when I took off my socks as I got ready for bed, I noticed that my ankle was swollen. Not really badly, but noticeably. I iced it overnight but it was still swollen this morning. Last night and this morning it was also very rainy. There’s not much pain, just swelling. Very weird. I am guessing it’s the weather, since I did way more unassisted walking on Tuesday than I have since, without any swelling. I decided to bring my crutch to work today, though, just in case. But I’m still only using it when I go farther from my desk than the bathroom.

One of my oldest friends is celebrating his birthday and Halloween together by hosting a party tonight. Because I have all my money issues, but I also didn’t want to be that person who shows up and was like “Eh, I didn’t care enough to get a costume!” I went looking for one in my closet. It was tough! (I love dressing up, you’d think I’d have more in there!) But I finally figured it out: the tenth doctor as a chick. I have a pinstripe suit. I have a long brown coat. I have the rectangular glasses. I have the converse. I was gonna borrow the tenth doctor’s sonic screwdriver from a friend, but the only time I could get it from her was her wedding weekend and she, quite naturally, didn’t think to bring it. So I’ll be a little inaccurate, with Eleven’s screwdriver instead. I’d much rather be slightly off than for her wedding to have been screwed up by trying to get a toy to me!

Tomorrow NOVA rollerderby is doing a Rocky Horror Derby Show πŸ™‚ Don’t dream it, be it, boys and girls. I’ll be busy writing another practice exam, so that next weekend when comps roll around I’ll ace the damn things and finally get my degree. Also have to figure out how to pay for the exam, since I can’t seem to get any more loans and the payment plan is “half now, half in a month” which, I’m sorry, is ridiculous. I’m paying 1600 dollars for the privilege of writing a paper at my own home. The least you can do is make it so I can pay it in installments of, like, 50 bucks. I need to take the test to get the degree to get a job which will allow me to pay for the test. Thanks.

I rewrote my resume, and The Boy gave me some pointers on it. I have asked for an appointment at the employment office at work to go over it to punch up language stuff, too, so hopefully it will be better and more eyecatchy and stuff. One of the roller girls posted on facebook that she was determined to make some connections for her friends, and to ask if we needed anything, so I asked her if she knows anyone looking for an archivist/records manager, librarian, or researcher, and she is. So far the only response is a suggestion that I already know to do to find positions, but that’s okay.



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8 responses to “Weird Day

  1. Good luck with your exam and your job search. Have fun at the party. Do you think anyone will notice that you have Eleven’s Sonic Screwdriver instead of Ten’s? πŸ˜‰

    • No one mentioned it until I did. Only one person acknowledged that it was the wrong one when I said so, the rest were all “oh!” though there were lots of dr who fans, I don’t think they’re real detail oriented πŸ˜‰

      • Ha! I’m not sure I would know the difference either. πŸ™‚

      • The main thing is the light on Ten’s is blue, and the light on Eleven’s is green. I think there are some less noticeable details too, but that’s the biggie.

        BTW, my doc said as long as my leg doesn’t hurt, to walk with the limp but try to walk as normally as possible

  2. Weird – it wasn’t going to let me comment. Huh.

    If your doctor is okay with it, then I guess it’s fine. It was my doctor (who specialised in sports medicine and was a physio before becoming a doctor) and my sister (who was a physio for 18 years before becoming a doctor) who both told me to stay on the crutches as long as I was limping so I wouldn’t do damage to my back. Not sure that it made a difference as my back has problems anyway. πŸ˜‰

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