Happy Monday!

Leg stuff:
I don’t know how the weather connects with internal fluids, but time does seem to support the theory that my ankle was swollen Friday due to rain. Saturday morning it was back to normal size, though it was a bit sore all weekend. I iced it Saturday morning because it was hurting, and was generally gentle with it. But my walking is fairly close to normal with hardly any limp today, so that’s good.

I see the ortho on Friday, and hopefully I can talk him into starting me on PT. Considering bringing the crutch to the appointment, though, because I get better parking with it, at least at the KP parking garage. (Not at work! We have stacked parking, and people lately are being huge douches and not going all the way down the lane, leaving huge gaps in the lot so you have to park farther away. Jerks.) I’ve decided it’s not worth switching insurance companies when my job ends at the end of the year, so I have an appointment on Monday to get a referral to a neuro, so I can get my meds covered through the end of the year at least.

School stuff: Comps are this weekend (9am Friday to 9 am Sunday)…I wrote a practice exam at the start of the month, and the feedback was not especially transferrable to other papers except for one about my APA citations, so I spent the weekend reading different publications that could be used for citations and studying up on APA (and getting a citation creator add-on in Chrome, so the references page will be full of accurately formatted citations with minimal effort.)

Cat stuff: Got new kitty litter, Small Spaces by Tidy Cat, which works AMAZINGLY WELL. It sorta smells like fake chemical green apple smell, but it DOES NOT smell like ammonia and shit. At all! YAY! My bathroom use smells worse than the cats’ now.

Job search stuff: I have an appointment tomorrow with the employment office to punch up the language on my resume, and I have 4 job saved at usajobs (to apply to once my resume is perfected) and a few non-federal ones bookmarked to apply to, as well. At the party on Friday, my friend said she put my name on a list at her work and will ask them why they haven’t contacted me, also, so hopefully that will help too. Fingers crossed that I will have a job come the new year!

Derby stuff: I miss it SO MUCH. I dreamt about it last night. All night. Over and over and over. I WANTS THE DERBZ BACK PLEASE. LET ME SKATE!



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2 responses to “Happy Monday!

  1. We use the small spaces litter for our three cats and we frikkin love it. It’s definitely magical. And then we added this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005E2S77C which is super extra magical (works so well!)

    • interesting box idea! I’ll do some measuring tonight and if it fits in the litter box space, I might put it on the christmas list. I have a big rubbermaid tub with a hole cut out of the lid, which allows the cats to track litter EVERYWHERE.

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