Welcome, Sandy

Saw the ortho Friday-he said that things are healing well, he can still see the fracture line on my tibia (we didn’t talk at all about the fibula–he said last time that it’s a nothing fracture, practically heals itself without any medical assistance) but that that is normal, and to not do anything more strenuous than walking for another 3 months. -_- I am not thrilled. He once again said I didn’t need PT, making me not happy at all. I tried to explain that I want to rebuild the muscles in my leg so I can continue my skating training, but he was having none of it.

Are done. People keep asking me how I feel I’ve done. I honestly can’t say. When I took them last spring, I felt really confident, and then I failed. When I did my practice run, I was really unhappy with my paper, but the profs who read it said it would definitely have passed if it was a real exam. I’m not thrilled with the paper I turned in, but maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know. We’ll see in a month.

So far it’s not too bad here. It’s a constant rain but not a heavy one yet, and the winds aren’t too bad yet either. Work was cancelled for today, and I suspect will be for tomorrow as well. I forgot I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, but apparently everyone cancelled, because when I went to the website to reschedule, every slot was open this afternoon. Still have power (obviously.) Cats are enjoying the opportunity to nap. I hooked up the VCR and am enjoying revisiting movies I only have on VHS and eating a ridiculous amount of ice cream treats.

Derby: Draft was last week. 11 of the 19 fresh meat skaters got drafted, and all four teams in the league are now 100% full. It’s entirely possible I am completely depressed.



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6 responses to “Welcome, Sandy

  1. Keep watching old movies and cuddling the cats. Do you have extra water, candles, a flashlight, transistor radio, canned food that doesn’t need to be heated? Don’t forget to fill your bathtub with water so you can flush your toilet. A tip from a Florida hurricane survivor was to fill Ziploc bags with water and put them in the freezer now so that they freeze and keep your food cold as long as possible. Then when they melt, you have water for drinking and washing.

    Take care and stay safe.

    I don’t understand why your doctor wouldn’t suggest physio. Did he give you exercises to do to strengthen the muscles that have been dormant for weeks?

    • Oh I’m an old hand a hurricanes, living in southeast CT and Annapolis for a good chunk of my life I’ve lived through five or six at least. I have water, only one candle but lots of flashlights with good batteries, no radio, canned food that doesn’t need heating (but as long as the gas doesn’t get fucked up, I’ll have an oven to heat it on)….the tub is filled but I’m gonna dump it and refill it because the cats dumped litter in it and I figure as long as there’s no thunder, I may as well take advantage of showering while I can and then refill it. Will follow your ziplocked water advice though!

      He said walking was all I need to do. I think he’s stupid. MD is an at-will state for PT, but if I could get him to sign off on it, insurance would cover it, whereas if I don’t, they won’t. So he’s actually wasting my money :/ I have one of those old school step things from the 80s my mom gave me so I can use it in the apt (although it’s in my trunk right now, because I was still on crutches when she found it to give to me, and I keep forgetting to bring it in) and I’ve been doing stuff when I feel like my leg can handle it (when it’s really clicky, or sore, I rest it more)

  2. Sounds like you’re good to go. Take care and stay dry.

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