A Very Important Date

twice today (make that thrice, it just happened again) I’ve experienced weird jabby-stabby pains in my right foot along the path of the nerve that got stretched during my surgery. (once closer to the ankle, twice in the two smallest toes)…I know this is where the nerve is because if I touch it, it’s all tingly, like when your foot falls asleep. It’s probably nothing, but I don’t like it. So I’m noting it here so if it happens again I can have concrete dates to report to the doctor.

Yesterday I went home from work early because I was feeling sick, hence no post. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment to get a referral for a neurologist, because I can’t get my meds filled without one of the insurance-covered neuros agreeing that I can’t use other stuff/I’ve tried enough useless meds and since these meds work for me, I should be allowed to have them. Especially since they don’t just keep my brain from imagining it has nerves that are transmitting pain signals, but keep me somewhat level, emotionally.

I was also planning to ask about a psychologist referral, but I don’t know if it would really make a difference to see someone for two months and then go back to not seeing anyone. Is it more helpful to see someone for a few sessions and then stop, or wait until I know I can see someone steadily? I am definitely in need of help these days.

Because comps are done, I’m hoping to return to a more regular schedule next week; we’ll see how it goes, though.

DCRG’s November bout is on the 17th at Dulles Sportsplex! It’s my first anniversary as head bouncer. I missed posting on this blog’s birthday in September, but this is almost the same! I spent the first couple months just working out off-skates and trying to get the position, after all. That first bout as head bouncer was also at DSP. That actually made it more nerve-wracking for me, because I hadn’t bounced there before. I’m comfortable in the Armory; I know the layout and all that. So it was a real trial by fire, and I want to thank O’Canadoll, Funsized Jenn, and Pants for their vote of confidence and their support.


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