technical difficulties

it’s hard to believe that my home computer is only slightly worse than my work one, since my home computer is older than both my nephews together (3 and 2) with room to spare (I think we got it in 2005ish? ish?) but it’s the truth. Typing this entry required I close every other program and most of the other tabs in the browser. so. uhm. updating will be super sporadic, probably. Sorry. I shouldn’t have jinxed it last week!

leg: unchanged, basically. not loving the random pains that feel like I am being stabbed that in fact are just weird nerve reactions to absolutely nothing and result in my leg flinging itself away from the perceived source of the pain (that is, wherever my foot is, it must get away from it!) it would be hilarious if it weren’t so annoying. even when it doesn’t induce spasms of “get away from the [imaginary] stabbing thing,” it FEELS LIKE STABBING. So I don’t love that.

Tomorrow I see the neuro. I have appointments with a psychiatrist to talk about meds and a therapist to talk about why I need them, but they’re in NW because apparently the basis of this insurance company, which is to make it easy to see all your doctors at one place, does not apply to me (this is the third med center I’ve had to go to–my neuro and ortho are at Cap Hill, “behavioral services” i.e. headshrinking is in NW, and primary care/gyno in H-ville.)

generally doing okay, but would really like to win like 6 months worth of pay so I could take some time to relax and stop being crazy. then get shit done. because right now, I can either relax or get shit done, but not both. ever. and it makes me a little extra crazy.

NOVA’s derby league is having their championships this saturday at dulles sportsplex. DCRG will be at DSP next Saturday for their Nov bout. you should attend!

The Boy and I are discussing what to do for Thanksgiving. He is amenable to all my suggestions thus far. It’s sort of making me suspicious. Because, like I said, crazy.



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2 responses to “technical difficulties

  1. I’m glad you’re able to get your medical appointments, even if they are all over the place. Take care of yourself.

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