Same Old

When I crouch down to play/put away a dvd, I grunt and fall the last 4-6 inches because my legs don’t want to hold me up. wearing real shoes hurts my bones. also my feet! pinchy. wearing sneakers with office apparel hurts my soul. *sad trombone*

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4 responses to “Same Old

  1. I really wish you could have some physio. Barring that, I’m sure you have some exercises of your own that will help and you’ll be back to tip-top shape in no time! (Rah! Rah!) Sorry. I know it’s annoying when people tell you that it will get better when you’re doing your best and don’t feel as if you’re making much progress. But when you look back at where you were a month ago, see how far you’ve come already.

    Why are real shoes hurting your bones? Just because you’re not used to wearing them or to do with how the injury is healing?

    • I think it’s because I’ve been wearing sneakers with arch support, and wearing flats and heels and other office-appropriate footwear offers less support. I have inserts but they don’t fit in all my shoes with my feet.

      • Yeah, because of all my foot and back problems, I can’t wear anything but sneakers with Dr. Scholl gel inserts. Luckily they come in black and I only wear slacks to work so I;m okay – although our office is pretty casual anyway.

      • we were on recess, so I could wear sneakers. Now recess is over, and I have to wear office-y clothes. :/ It’s not as bad today, though. Maybe I just need to get used to them again.

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