Cat Tales

I am slowly climbing up. Very very slowly. So here is some stuff about my cats.

On Sunday, Zelda washed a hair into her eye and spent the day pretending to be a pirate. I got the hair out pretty early, but she had irritated it enough that it was red she was squinting out of it. This did not stop her from bonking her head into hands and knees and faces.

On Tuesday, Fitzy learned to drink from the sink. Sort of. He kept trying to pull the stream of water closer to his mouth with his paw.

This morning, Fitzy got in the shower with me. This is not unusual, as he drinks the water from the floor of the tub. Today, however, his tail escaped the protective confines of the shower curtain liner. He didn’t notice at all and then when I got out of the shower he kept flicking cold water on me. Jerk cat.

Derby tomorrow at Dulles Sportsplex!


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6 responses to “Cat Tales

  1. Cats are so much fun! What would we do without them?

    The past two mornings, Tabitha has gone outside and sat on the grass beside the balcony and stared at my neighbour’s wiindow. I’m not sure what she’s looking for – he has a small Boston Terrier but she doesn’t go on the window sill! It’s also been quite cool out this morning and yesterday but both days I had to bribe her with ‘treats’ to get her in the house. Then I was putting on my shoes and she kept head-butting me until I picked her up and cuddled her for five minutes – one of the longest itmes she’s ever let me hold her!! Of course it was as I was trying to leave.

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