I’m still here!

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. I have a very laid-back one, which is a weird and new experience. I mis-remembered the cook time from the roast recipe, so we ended up eating a bit later (around 8) than we had intended, but the beef was PERFECT, everything was good (though the yorkshire pudding could have been much better) and it was pleasant. The Boy has gotten through all the Martha eps of Doctor Who I didn’t want to rewatch, so we started up again at Blink and finished up the season during the weekend. I’ve never cooked a holiday meal during which I didn’t have some irritability leaking out from anxiety at getting things perfect, until this weekend, which was anxiety free, at least for me. The Boy is so laid back about things that make me tense, and I am laid back about things that make HIM tense, and it tends to rub off, which is good.

I have about a month to find a job before this one ends; it is not going well. I’m applying and applying and applying, and getting no interview requests, let alone offers. It’s very stressful, and one of those areas where the things The Boy and I stress about overlap, unfortunately. A friend has said that she can get me a job at her work, but she works in Ohio, and it would mean moving. If The Boy wasn’t a factor, I’d be up for it immediately; I’ve often considered moving to that area, as I have friends there already and it’s much less expensive than here. (There’s roller derby there, too.) But The Boy has been a significantly positive force in my life in many ways, and I am hesitant to lose that to a 6 hour drive if there’s a chance I can stay here and get a job that pays livable wage.

Despite the pleasant holiday and anticipation for Christmas and my birthday (my favorite time of year!) I find myself in tears more often than not, and feeling helpless and lost most of the time. If I could just get a job that pays enough to cover my bills and a little extra to save, most of my problems would be minor ones, but that’s an awfully big if considering I’ve been looking and applying for positions for about two years now with no luck. (Not that I am unhappy at my current employment, but it was always supposed to be temporary)

on the derby front: I found my bag of derby stuff! It was hidden by the vertical blinds *Face palm* In other news, DCRG is trying to crowdsource funding to purchase warehouse space for the league. This would allow us to stop renting game and practice space, protect us from restrictions about certain food and beverage sponsorships, allow us to rent out the space to area organizations including, potentially, other, smaller leagues. Please consider donating if you can.
❤ Mels



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3 responses to “I’m still here!

  1. I’m glad you found your bag.

    I’m sending you good thoughts on your job search! You will find something good soon, I’m sure.

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