Fairy tales and me.

On Saturday I had a birthday. I love my birthday. Part of it is the ego thing-MY BIRTHDAY IS ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And I am awesome. Like, way better than everything else in existence awesome. Right?

But I have an equal love of Christmas, because of two things: the gifts, which I love getting (duh) and love giving (I seriously have fits when people won’t open their present(s) from me within a short time of my handing them over.) the other thing is the magic. Christmas is about magic for me.

On Saturday, my parents came by, and as is not unusual on someone’s birthday, brought birthday presents. One of those was Pixar’s Brave.

I’ve always loved fairy tales, and with the exception of m early adolescence, when I was “too cool” for Disney cartoons, I’ve held Sleeping Beauty to be the best for a number of reasons. 1. Actual fairies in the fairy tale. 2. The prince has a name and a personality. 3. THERE’S A MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON. But I have to say, after years of learning about the history of fairy tales and also about feminism, I wonder if it hasn’t been toppled by Brave.

Magic: Totally in there. Will-o’-the-wisps, a witch, magic spells. No dragon, it’s true, but we’ve got some representations of the fair folk and we’ve got a crow hangin’ out with a witch, too.

Fairy tales: Merida isn’t an orphan, as the heroes and heroines of fairy tales often are, the parents aren’t evil (as the often WERE, before the introduction of evil step-parents), there is no rape (as the original Sleeping Beauty had) or forced marriage (as the Disney one did, though it turned out in their version force wasn’t ultimately necessary)

Feminism: no forced marriage! yay! Mother figure isn’t evil! yay! the witch, also not evil! yay!

I definitely like the evolution of the Disney princess. I can’t say for certain that Merida’s story should take ascendency in my heart, having only seen it once, but…there was a little of that Christmas magic in my birthday present this year.



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3 responses to “Fairy tales and me.

  1. Belated Happy Birthday!! I’m glad you had a good day – and a good Christmas.

    I’m happy you liked Brave. We saw it at the midnight showing in West Hollywood when it opened and I really liked it and I just bought the Blu-ray and watched it on the weekend. Much as I love fairy tales and magic and happy endings, this one was so much more, with a wonderful family, an articulate young woman who was taught to be a princess by her mother – not just one that sewed and looked nice – but one with a sense of history and family and compassion. And the ending is perfect!

    • I liked that though Elinor didn’t want Merida to have weapons, you can see how proud/nervous she is when Merida takes that first shot with the bow, and she never insists Merida give them up totally (just not focus on them to the exclusion of her other duties)

      I didn’t love, at the end, when Merida confesses “it’s all my fault,” simply because while in this situation it was, the potential for wider implications of “daughter always at fault” make me nervous.

      I’m hoping to convince my mom and grandmother to join me for a viewing for mother’s day (the hitch being I’m the only one with a BD player)

      • Yes, I agree about Elinor allowing Merida to have weapons and learn to use them. She also didn’t seem to object to her taking off on her own periodically. It was just that “A lady doesn’t put her weapons on the table”. đŸ˜€

        I hope you can work out the viewing with your mother and grandmother.

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