Sorry, It’s a short one today

I’ve made some plans toward not being head bouncer after this season (not because I don’t love it, but because 1) I hope to be skating next season and 2) if I’m not, I should be NSOing because it’ll help me with the rules) and today was the first step in that process–session one of training my replacement.

Since we were kind of caught flat when our last head bouncer stepped down, I didn’t really get a chance to do much in the way of training. He was the second-in-command for the previous head bouncer, so he didn’t really need training. I was only a bouncer for one season (and two bouts) before becoming head bouncer, and really combined crash course with what makes sense to me at the time in all my head bouncer-y doings. At the start of this season, Funsized Jenn, our volunteer wrangler, and I talked about me picking a second-in-command. I had unofficially done so already, so that was pretty easy. Because I started to think about stepping down at the end of the season after the November bout, I had some time to make up a plan for training him in the stuff I basically made up on the fly. Today was the first training session in bouncer scheduling. It went well! Yay!

This Saturday is the bout. Not only is it the first bout in 2013, but it’s Scare Force One’s first bout without powerhouses Soledad and Chinese Cheker (both of whom were voted to the Mid-Atlantic South All-Stars team for the past WFTDA season!) First up are the Cherry Blossom Bombshells versus the DC Demoncats. During intermission Belladonna is going to belly dance the shit out of everything before the Majority Whips take on Scare Force. All for the low low price of $12. Don’t you wanna be there? You know you do. Get a ticket!!


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