January Bout Report

You guys. YOU GUYS. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. Saturday was CRAAAAAAZY. I did some errand running and stuff and that was boring and we’re not talking about it because boring. Then there was the bout!! The first one with the new ruleset!

First up were the Bombshells versus DCDC. It was an exciting bout, with the Cats coming close tripping up the Bombshells, but in the end, the winners were wearing pink: 186 CBB-144 DCDC. The one-whistle starts really helped with keeping the pace of the game up, and at some point Yankee Scandal got ejected for gross misconduct (it looks from the photos that she accidentally backblocked Hoova Dayum, but I was busy working and missed the actual call.) Everyone, skaters, fans, and officials alike, are still getting used to the new rules. We took a break for some gorgeous bellydancing, then it was time for the bout between the Majority Whips and Scare Force 1.

Dear. Lord! SF1 has been undefeated since season 5; season 6 was the Whips first season as a team. You’d think it would be a forgone conclusion, but you’d be wrong. Two of Scare Force’s blockers, Soledad and Chinese Cheker, transferred leagues when they moved away for work, leaving a potential hole in the fright attendant defense. The Whips have been stepping up their game every bout they play, and were thrilled at the thought of being the team that takes Scare Force down. The pickles started strong, taking the lead quickly. At the half, the score was 112-68! So many fans were holding their breath, wondering if this was the day the Scare Force regime would be toppled. During the second half, the lead flipflopped back and forth so much I was breathless just tweeting about it! In the end, it came down to the last two jams. There was a tie score (163) but Scare Force pulled it out in the end, leaving us with a score of 180-163. Now that the Whips have lead the way, maybe the Bombshells will follow their example through to the conclusion next month.

The Examiner has a more detailed write up, and On Tap Magazine took a ton of photos.

We’re still trying to raise funds for a warehouse, btw–go here to see how far we’ve come and to add your own two cents (or more!!!!)


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