It’s Official

I will not be allowed to continue with my current position during much of the 113th Congress. It was a slim chance, but I must admit I am disappointed. I hate jobhunting. I’m on staff through February, then on severance for 2 months or until I get a job, whichever is first. Fingers crossed it’s the former, because I’d really like some stable employment. To the point where I’ve been remembering my retail days fondly. Yeah.

I know we just had the January bout, and you usually get a little more time before I shill for my beloved league, but the February bout is just around the corner! A groundhog’s day double header with the Whips taking on the Demoncats and the Bombshells hoping to topple Scare Force 1. You won’t want to miss this one, folks! Get your tickets here!



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6 responses to “It’s Official

  1. I’ll cross my fingers for you, too. I hope you find something worthy of your talents that has a good medical plan!

  2. I’ll cross my fingers,too. I wish you all the best

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