Catching Up

Doctor Who Burlesque:
Was cool, fun, and kinda weird. There were two women that had masks and never removed them during their 2nd acts (the show was a series of acts, an intermission, then a second series of acts by the same dancers), a cyberwoman and a girl dressed as the “Are you my mummy” gas mask kid from Nine’s season. It definitely took me out of the moment. The night started with an Amy Pond seducing Eleven for her sonic screwdriver, then there was a snowwoman from the Christmas special, a weeping angel (who was really cool and terrifying)…there was a dalek who sang and did not dance and a dalek who gothed it up (and was very cute)…the emcee came out dressed as a different doctor (and using his catch phrases) between each act (pretty much, I think). The evening seemed fairly short, but it was about 90 minutes long really. I saw several other skaters there, although I think only one of the other dcrg volunteers had seen the show before. It was a little different than what she had seen, but most of the acts were the same as last year, apparently. A good time was had, anyway.

Was cooooold. But we knew that would be the case, and layered a lot. I let The Boy make the decisions about when we’d get up, and when we’d leave for the metro, etc. I think both of us were excited, we woke up before the alarm. We managed to get a not-at-all crowded train into the city, and a pleasant walk to the end of the line for our ticketed section. The line moved pretty steadily for a while, but as we got close to the security gates it pretty much devolved into a mob because they weren’t letting anyone in to security until 8. Then we went through and got to stand in more lines! Outside the security tent, there was a giant pile of discarded snacks and drinks, some of which hadn’t even been opened. I had a reusable bottle of water with me, because I had a pill to take at 10am, and was nervous about it getting taken away, but it turned out they didn’t care, and people had just assumed their stuff would be taken. After going through security, (it was around 9 at that point) we followed the signs for orange ticket holders, but it seems the orange ticket area was full long before most orange ticket holders showed up, and for a while we ended piled up behind a row or port-a-potties, unable to see or hear anything, while they arranged an overflow section for us. We stood there til around 10:30 and then they started letting people go around the fence that we were waiting behind to an area where we’d see and hear better. The Boy and I were initially not sure about going, because it was not made clear if these people were going to get rebuffed or not, but when most of the crowd saw what was happening, they moved us along like flotsam in the tide. We ended up with a really good view (not too far from this guy, though we couldn’t understand what he was shouting) but people kept filling in until I could no longer easily see the stage (but had a decent view of one of the large screens). We stayed until after Obama’s speech, then joined about half the crowd in ditching out for warmer locations. A lot of them went straight to the metro, I think, but we walked to Chinatown and got food and beer at RFD. The beer was probably a mistake–we were SO TIRED by then. I had definitely spent some of the early time in the crowd semi-dozing, and by the time we had eaten, we were TOTALLY WIPED. Metroed home and napped. I need less sleep, on the whole, than The Boy does, so I got up after 2 hours and played video games while he slept longer. My legs kept waking me up, both twitching wildly each time I fell asleep. Fortunately, since the break is set and healing (healed??) it was just annoying and not ridiculously painful, like it was over the summer.

I see the ortho on Friday; fingers crossed to get the all clear to start skating again! I’m trying not to get my hopes too high, because if he says no, I will cry, and yell, and generally be unpleasant. But I WANT THIS SO BAD OH MY GOD I MISS IT SO MUCH. There’s a bout on Feb 2. We’ve raised 39% ($9,635) of our warehouse funding goal as of this entry, and are hoping to round that out to 40%/$10,000 by the end of the week–help us out? I’ll be adding two new derby blogs to the blogroll on the left after I post this entry, too.



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4 responses to “Catching Up

  1. I’m glad you were at least able to see a big screen. It sounds like your leg held up well to all the walking and standing. You can always mention that to the ortho. 🙂

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get the go-ahead.

    • It really did, the only pain I was feeling was in my hips, tired of supporting my ass 😉 I did get to see both Biden and Obama directly if very briefly, too, though I mostly watched the screen (WAY better view, of course)

      • My nephew (35ish at the time) went to the last Inauguration from his home in southern Ontario to witness history in the making. I can only imagine how awe-inspiring it must be.

      • it really was, although all the waiting beforehand tried to dull it. there were some college kids standing near us that seemed to have a too cool to allow people to see them enjoy it unironically thing going on, but I tried to not let it bug me too much

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