Good news and bad.

Bad news first, because it tastes bad and if we take it first we can follow it up with some ice cream, right?

My poor sweet Bruce! She’s been scraped up a bit, dinged once or twice, and two horrible nasty people crushed her front and rear ends at different times but I’ve never REALLY hurt her. I was really anxious on the way to my appointment, and the parking garage for the med center is a clusterfuck, and the valets (who only valet park if it’s really crowded, or some shit, I don’t know) double park rows of cars so there’s no room to back in (which they tell you to do) and there are these steel boxes around the concrete pillars. I was backing in and didn’t want to hit the minivan so I was erring on the side of the pillar. I saw I was too close and stopped and started to pull forward, but Brucie’s bumper was hooked on the steel box. I couldn’t go back because I would crush the bumper but if I pulled forward I would pull it off. I ended up saying “fuck it” and pulled forward (and THEN the valet offered to park my car for me) so part of the rear bumper ripped away from the body and snapped a bit about 6-8 inches in from the fender. It’s all one piece, barely, and it’s not hanging down or anything, but it is not pretty.

Okay. Done with your brussel sprouts? Have some candy.

I can skate again.

Let me say that again.

I can SKATE!

The doc reminded me that though my bone is as strong as it ever was, the muscles are not. So I’m going to start working out again, and after 2 weeks to a month, I’m strapping my skates on again!



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5 responses to “Good news and bad.

  1. Don’t like the bad news about Bruce – I hope he can get fixed. 😦

    However, YAY!! for geting the OK to skate again. That’s really good news.

    • She. (I know, it’s weird.) I think it’s mainly a cosmetic thing, and the boy (who hasn’t seen it yet) thinks its a potential “fix it or ticket” kind of thing. Worst case scenario, I have to duct tape it up for a bit until I can get it fixed, so I’m not too worried about it, I just hate damaging my beloved car!

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