Oh hey, it’s Monday.

We had a winter weather delay (no work til noon!) so I kinda got all distracted by, you know, work. And weird lunch time timing. Because even though I ate before leaving for work, I was still hungry at normal lunch time. Bah.

Okay, so I spent the weekend doing very little-watching movies and tv, and having a migraine. No working out. And then I pussed out this morning, too. See, I had read last week that you should eat before working out or you’ll burn muscle instead of fat. But I also know that if you eat too much or too soon before your workout, you’re gonna be sluggish and icky and possibly nauseated. So when I slept in this morning, I had to good how far in advance to eat before working out, and it was like hours. HOURS. So basically, first thing, I have to have a little tiny snack, wait half an hour or so, and then work out if this fat/muscle burning thing is true. Which I am looking more into. But anyway I was like FUCK YOU EVERYTHING I WILL INTERNETS INSTEAD. And then I went to work.

Tomorrow. It’s on, bitches.

Bout day is coming, you guys. On Saturday, not only will there be an awesome derby doubleheader, but 40 members of Washington’s Gay Men’s Chorus are going to sing the national anthem. I got to hear them sing at Capital Pride last summer, they’re awesome. Our half time act? Irish step-dancers! You should check them and us out! The Armory metro station is closed on Saturday, but don’t let that keep you away! There is a parking lot across the street from the armory where you can park for $10, and there will be a free shuttle from the Union Station stop to the Armory. You can also take the D6, 96, or B2 metrobus(ses) to the armory!


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