Small steps

I seem to have forgotten how ridiculous it is to work out when you haven’t been working out. So I’ve had to start slower than I thought.

Monday, as noted previously, I didn’t work out at all.
Tuesday I did 20 reps of…I dunno what to call it. heel raises? going up on tip toe, then back down. I also stood on my right leg for 30 seconds.
Today I did both of those and 15 reps per leg of lunges (walking lunges, in this case, so I took 30 “steps”) I would have been 20 each, but apparently my left thigh did not benefit from scootering for months, because it had a much harder time supporting me than my right ankle did. Tomorrow it’ll be 20 each, though. A break on Friday, and Saturday morning I’ll try the legs workout on the Roller Derby Workout dvd before the bout.

As for nutrition, I’ve backslid a little due to laziness, but am holding steady as far as the water goes, at least. Since I basically have a month left of work, and my pay doesn’t cover all my expenses anyway, the folks and I have to have a discussion about what will happen when I lose my severance pay (assuming I don’t get a job, I mean). I’ll apply for unemployment, of course, but I learned in 2011 that it didn’t cover anything beyond my rent, anyway, so I’d still need help. Le sigh. Someday, I’ll not only not need help to pay my bills, I’ll have extra money left over to save and some to spend. I’ll be a real grown up then. Maybe.

Derby on Saturday at the DC Armory, followed by an after party at a new location! We’ll be gettin’ down at Penn Social after the bout this month at our very own bar!



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8 responses to “Small steps

  1. Stick with it! You can do it.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Yesterday my no-longer-injured leg was all sore after working out, and today it’s not sore at all, even with the added lunges! My left thigh, on the other hand, feels that if I got around on a knee scooter for months, maybe it shouldn’t need to let me squat 😉 I will show it who is boss, however!

  2. Sounds like you’re making progress. Good luck with that.

  3. Good luck with everything!

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