When I broke my leg, a couple of the security guards were even friendlier than usual, chatting with me when I would come in in the morning and teasing me when I started walking again. This morning I brought them a DCRG flier so they could “see how I broke myself.” Later, my boss and I went down to check on another office that is archiving to see if they needed any help. On our way back, we ran into their office manager, and stopped to chat. She asked about our weekend plans, and when I mentioned derby her eyes lit up. We chatted about it a bit (and about The Bachelor, because this week they had a group date roller derby challenge thing) and I ended up bringing her a flier later this afternoon. Yay, DERBY!

My thighs are not willing to let me forget the 40 lunges I did yesterday morning. I’m wondering if, with all the standing and walking I do at a bout, I shouldn’t wait until Sunday to do the legs workout on the derby dvd, just in case. I get to sit down for brief periods when I bounce, but for most of the time between 2 and 8 I am standing or walking around the armory, and then there is more standing at the after party. (At Penn Social this time! So excited to have a new venue for the party! Plus, there are games to play there! GIANT CONNECT FOUR IS ONE OF THEM.) What do y’all think?

I want to go skating so bad! I think sometime next week I’ll go out to Anacostia after work (depending on how cold it is, of course) or maybe Temple Hills (since they gave me coupons when I broke myself)…it’s supposed to be warmish on Wed. and Thurs. (above 40) and current forecast has it in the upper 40s/low 50s for next weekend (at this point, anyway) so maybe a short outside skate during the week, a longer one a day or two later, then a longer outdoor skate over the weekend? We’ll see how I’m feeling, I guess.

This day just FLEW by. I didn’t write as much as I wanted at lunch because I’m almost finished with my book (Palimpsest, by Cat Valente) and I NEED to understand WTF is going on. So this is going up a bit later than usual. but still on time, as the day is not yet over. I got a pee test done this morning. I do not have a UTI anymore, (and the MRI showed no damage or tumors or anything) so the urgency issues I’m having are either kidney stone related or something else. (speaking of the MRI, I gave my tech a flier too!) Doc said she’d refer me to a urologist if there wasn’t a UTI, so looks like I’m holding steady at 3 medical doctors (just when I got back down to 2!)

Workday is winding down. Tomorrow. 4pm. DC Armory. Be there.



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2 responses to “Fun!

  1. Isn’t it fun to find people with similar likes in unexpected places?

    I think you’re probably wise to wait to do the legs workout until after Saturday as it sounds as if you will get a good workout then anyway.

    Have fun!

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