February Bout Report

If you were not one of the 1,551 spectators, 70+ skaters, or 30+ volunteers in the DC Armory on Saturday (despite the Armory metro station being closed!), you missed out. You missed out BIG TIME. Both bouts were AMAZING.

First up we had a ridiculously close game between the DC Demoncats and the Majority Whips. The Demoncats came from behind to take the lead only to lose it again, then did it again, before finally losing by TWO POINTS to the ladies in green. TWO POINTS! I was tweeting madly:
-The whips v dcdc- its a 1 point difference and the bout is almost over! Who will win?!
-At the LAST SECOND Whips whipped it out!!!
The final score was 207-205. But it wasn’t a rivalry without affection:

Demoncat Jersey Jill shows some love for Majority Whip Frightmare.

I was running around a lot during the first bout, so I didn’t get to watch most of it. I was riveted during the final jam, however, and held my breath waiting to see how the score would change based on those last few seconds. I also missed most of the first half of bout 2 between Scare Force One and the Cherry Blossom Bombshells.

Last month the Whips almost whipped SF1, until Sharp Shredder grated their lead during the final jam. I wondered if the Bombshells would pave the path the Whips had trod in the grass. For the first half, it didn’t seem like it. Every time I glanced up, it looked like Scare Force was dominating as usual. I don’t know what the bench coaches were saying to the pink and gold team over the halftime break, but whatever it was, it worked. The Bombshells brought the Scare Force lead down from 26 points ahead to 2 points ahead. After Yankee Scandal got herself a power jam, we saw a lead change, but SF1 wasn’t about to take that lying down and stole the lead back. This could have been a discouraging moment for CBB, but instead it made them fight harder than ever! Scandal once again brought the Bombshells score up, so that they had a real shot at winning if they could hold on to their 19 point lead! During what looked like the final jam, it looked like a win for the ‘Shells was assured. But because the lead jammer, CBB’s Jaminy Kricket, called it off with 20 seconds on the game clock, Scare Force pushed for one more jam, and it was granted. Everyone was on their feet. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?
Sharp Shredder stepped up to the jammer line for the Fright Attendants, but she missed lead jammer and the Cherry Blossom Bombshells beat Scare Force One! They were undefeated no longer! Final score, 189-171.

The Bombshells were mildly pleased. (Photo by James Calder)

The Examiner has their own write up (mainly focusing on the second bout) and fan Gary Robinette took some fabulous photos of both bouts. Also, the Wall Street Journal talks derby on their front page! And not a “by day/by night” lede in sight!

This morning when I came into work, the security guard who I had given a flier to stopped me and asked “roller derby?!” I told him it was the most fun I’ve ever had, and about the exciting bout last Saturday. He said he might come to the March bout because his daughter would love it. I encouraged this, of course, and told him that if we get a warehouse we’re going to establish a junior league, and she could play herself! Help empower girls and women by contributing to the DCRG Warehouse fund!


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