fighting the stall

I got up this morning, had a snack, hung out briefly, then pulled out the core exercises/stretches mat and did a 30 minute set focusing on the core muscles. I did more stretches than exercises (because I don’t know what all the exercises are, but I know all the stretches from yoga)…often, I found myself with a curious kitty in my face, curled up under my legs, or smelling my crotch (thanks, cats!) I’ve also re-introduced doing squats when I pee (which is often!)–I make sure I’m low enough to barely touch the seat, which keeps me from splattering all over it. Keeping my back straight and shoulders over my knees (rather than farther forward) is the main issue. Last time I went, I was all shakey in the thighs (but you guys, I am SO LOW!!) so I’m probably gonna try to do it like, every other trip to the loo.

I need to create a schedule beforehand for working out, because I waste too much time deciding what I’m going to do in the morning. I have the 4 workouts from the Roller Derby Workout dvd, I have the arms workout, the core workout from the mat, and a yoga workout I want to incorporate. Eventually, I want the roller derby workout to count as 1 or 2 instead of 4, but right now my stamina is not there.
I need to schedule time for other stuff too, like job hunting/applying, learning to code other languages at codecademy (I know HTML and sort of know CSS), and working on the website for this year’s DCRG drive for the DC Public Library Foundation (since we won’t be partnered with Pamie and Dewey Donation System this year–Pamie has enough on her hands with her new baby!)

DCist posted pics and a much more detailed set of bout recaps here; you should check it out.

Say goodbye to my long, gross, dried out locks! I’m getting a haircut tonight. So exciting! This winter has been especially bad for hair. 2 years I’ve been growing my hair out, this is the first time I’ve gotten all dry and split ends-having and such. Started in December. DO NOT WANT.

I am wondering if the pain in my leg/shin is actually the plate on the tibia, because it’s worse when it’s cold. Gonna ask the ortho about it (and getting it out) before my insurance runs out. Because it’s not fun.



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6 responses to “fighting the stall

  1. Looking forward to seeing your new hair cut.

    Do you watch “Bones”? Last night’s episode had a DC roller derby team. I wondered if any of your girls were on the team – although I figured you would have said something – but then I realised they film in LA so of course they wouldn’t be.

    • I don’t have cable or an antenna, so I have to wait until they get put online, and I was getting my hair cut last night, so I’ll probably watch it tonight. I hear they follow the traditional TV formula of making rollergirls violent/unstable manhaters thought :/ DC doesn’t actually have a banked track league, we’re flat track all the way here. They had the LA Derby Dolls for the show (although if they had researched enough to find out that DC is all flat track, or that MOST derby is flat track because it’s less pricy/easier, they could have used the Angel City Derby Girls)

  2. I didn’t even know we had a men’s league. My friend only talks about women’s.

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