After work last night I went to Eastern Confederate in Mount Pleasant (a neighborhood in DC) to get my hair done. They sponsor DCRG, or I probably wouldn’t have heard of them (salons are not really on my radar, generally.) I got my hair cut by the owner, Ryan, and it was a fantastic experience. I got there early, figuring on a wait, but he didn’t have a client to finish, so he took me right away. There were some neighborhood stray cats sitting in the waiting area, but apparently they didn’t have an appointment. 😉 (They got some pets from me, though!) He asked if I’d like some beer or champagne as he got me all smocked up and in the chair, and we discussed what I wanted. He was friendly and good at making conversation rather than the usual salon chit chat. I love what he did with my hair, AND that I can style my hair and have it turn out like it did when he did it. (That NEVER happens. Usually I show the stylist a photo, they say “we can do that!” then they do it and send me off and I can never get that look again.)

Photos below the cut:
The inspiration:

The result (in the mirror):

Her hair is thicker than mine, but still, pretty close right?



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5 responses to “Haircut!

  1. Very close and looks terrific! I bet it feels good, too.

  2. Wow! What an amazing cut you have there! Very cute!

    I really love keeping my hair short.. Even though I’d love to have long hair. I keep it short for several reasons. You don’t have to do much to it and the shorter styles look fabulous like yours! =)

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