Grumpycat hates beer!

I signed up to help man OnTap magazine’s Chinatown Challenge on Saturday, with a few other rollergirls. It’s a combination pub crawl and scavenger hunt, where they have to answer questions and do challenges and drink Tsingtao beer. The challenge I manned with Wham and Ovi (Grreen Eggs and Wham, Ovary Action) was at one of the last bars, and required the challengers to do some origami. We had instructions for a cat, a pig, and a snake. We got there shortly before the event started, set up, and then enjoyed some time to chat while we waited for our challengers to arrive. One couple showed fairly early–they decided to do the whole thing backwards. They committed their “act of benevolence” by buying us all beer, but Ovi wasn’t drinking because she’s going paleo, and Wham was sick, so I was the only one to beer. Most everyone else was various shades of wasted when they got to our bar (at Ping Pong Dim Sum, where I would like to eat sometime because dude, dim sum.) It was very entertaining to watch them attempt to drunkenly create paper art. Most people picked the cat, because it was easiest. I made one and turned it into Grumpycat and brought it home to The Boy. He was sad that Grumpycat hates beer, though. No one should hate beer!

Contacted the dean at the UMD iSchool and the professor in charge of the archives specialty in hopes of getting transferred to UMD to finish my degree. Haven’t heard back yet, but there’s plenty of time, I guess. Starting to include secretarial positions in my job search.

Going skating with Standard Deviant tonight. She is trying to transfer from her old league, but there are a few steps to the process, and she was on medical leave when she left. She came to the January bout and volunteered as an NSO at the February bout. I also invited another hopeful skater and mentioned it on the facebook group we made when we were all freshies (which now includes some drafted skaters, and some who skate with other leagues, but we were all dcrg freshies together!) so hopefully we’ll have some company. It always feels a little weird to gear up at the rink when it’s full of enormously graceful teens who don’t give a damn.

Over the weekend I discovered that for a couple hours after I get up, I can see the heads of the top two screws in my tibia plate. It’s very weird and kinda neat. The ortho said I don’t need it removed, which is weird since the one who put it in said it would have to come out after a year. For now I’m just gonna leave it, but it makes me a little nervous.


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