Skating and School

Firstly: YOU GUYS I WENT SKATING LAST NIGHT YOU GUYS OH MY GOD IT WAS SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS YOU GUYS! Standard Deviant, who is looking to transfer from Sacred City, came with me. (She’s coming back from an injury too, I think she said it was her shoulder.) We only skated for about an hour, but it was still a good time! I fell like a billion times and AFAIK she didn’t fall once despite claiming klutziness (evil! okay, no, not really) but she pointed out that I tend to keep my weight on my heels instead of my toes (which is just *normal* for me with the high arches) so I have to work on that. I skated with those inserts I bought before the leg break, and I don’t know if it was them or the heat in my car or what, but the toe box of my skates feels a LOT tighter, which I do not love. It’s fine for my left foot, but righty is slightly bigger and while I didn’t get a blister and the discomfort never got to the point of pain, so I’m not gonna worry about replacing the boots right now, but I wanna try to figure that out. The inserts also didn’t prevent the high arch pain, although it did keep it to a minimum, only showing up when I stopped to stretch out my thighs to chill out my shin splints (which I totally forgot I have until I skated. Gotta remember to stretch the crap out of ’em before I skate!!)

I was pretty wobbly for a while, with the stiff arms I remember from when I first started skating. I definitely fell forward more than I did when I first started skating, though!! I did a perfect one knee 180 turn at one point, too, which was marred only by my almost tripping another girl (who, happily, did not fall, and celebrated her victory over gravity by skating around the rink with her arms up, v-for-victory style)…shoulda done a baseball slide! It took me a little while to build up the confidence to do crossovers (Stan went right into them, pretty much) but after a few misfires (and the one knee 180 that happened because I smacked my wheels together when I didn’t pick my right foot up enough–I psyched myself out and then was like “fuck you, me, I’m gonna do this!…oops”) my muscle memory started kicking in. Because I didn’t plan on doing anything beyond skating (no t-stops or transitions or hops) I kept my outdoor wheels on, despite the fact that the floor at Temple Hills is really sticky. It kept me a bit slower than Stan, but when I skated on 88s there, I was totally bambi-on-ice, so I figured I’d wait until I acclimatized a bit. I got some perfect crossovers in (a couple even better than before the break!) but as I tired a bit I started falling at exactly the same spot in the rink on exactly the same part of my butt, jarring my spine and skull a bit. After the 2nd time, I was like “maybe I should stop…nah, take advantage of the time!” but then I did again on the next lap, so I threw in the towel for the night. Standard Deviant got a blister around the same time, so we took off at the same time. I really enjoyed hanging out with her, and I think we’re gonna make a regular thing of this on Mondays until daylight savings sets in and I can get my free skating in at Anacostia except next week, because holiday! so I’ll try to get some day skating in :D)

I felt pretty great after, but not long after I got home my entire body was like “I HATE YOU.” If I had had any ibuprofen in the house, I’d have taken some, but I didn’t, so I just had to put up with it. Fortunately, I feel far less awful today. It was definitely inspiration to not skip work outs!! Especially for my thighs–I can get really low, and stay low for a few minutes, but I think after 3 or 4 laps my thighs were on fire, and when I tried to counteract the backwards falling, my lower back started to hurt. So I stopped worrying about getting low, and just worried about staying on my feet for a while. I’ll get there, though!

In other news, I heard back from UMD. The iSchool only lets you transfer 6 credits (aka 2 classes) so I’d pretty much have to start all over. Gotta do some numbers crunching, but I am not currently thrilled at the thought, I have to say. To be a certified records manager, you have to have management experience which I don’t have enough of (like, as a position of authority, not RM experience, though that is needed too, duh) but you can get a certificate in records management without that, so I think it might be best to do that, then once I get some more work experience, apply for the CRM exam. Gonna try to talk it over with my parents, too, before anything gets officially decided, though I think my dad is giving me the silent treatment, so I might have issues there.


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