Going into Radio Silence for the Week

So I have the nonspecific plague (waiting on bloodwork, the main symptoms are swollen, disgustingly (or deliciously, since it was described as ‘beefy’) throat and swollen glands in my neck and arm pits, plus ridiculous amounts of pain ALL OVER) and I’m unlikely to have anything to write about for the rest of the week as I moan and groan and whine about how difficult it is to get up to pee. (Besides doing that, which, trust me, you don’t want.)



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3 responses to “Going into Radio Silence for the Week

  1. I hope you find out what it is and get better soon. *hugs*

    • still no test results, but I’m feeling lots better today and will likely go in tomorrow (since 48 hours after starting anti-biotics you are supposed to no longer be contagious)…whatever it was, it seems to be running scared! my fever is down even without tylenol, and the throat isn’t sore (though it’s still a little swollen and irritated, and lets me know when I haven’t had enough water by getting ouchy) all the soreness and such is down, too. I might be able to do at least some of my weekend commitments (though I already told everyone I’d have to cancel, so if I feel too tired, I am still off the hook. I slept from around 10:30 last night until 1 pm today (with bathroom breaks but no real long periods of wakefulness in there) so I think I got a lot of healing done. Yay antibiotics and sleep!

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