Good Times!

Sorry this is a little late, I forgot that my boss and I were going to help the clerk of one of the subcommittees organize their storage locker so I didn’t get lunch until after normal lunch times. (15 minutes ago.) And I got grapefruit juice by accident. BOO GRAPEFRUIT. But it was actually kinda fun to clean up the locker, and I got a cool recreated poster from the Titanic launch and *might* get some other cool things if the committee proper doesn’t want them (they’re space themed!!) because they’re not the sort of thing we archive and so they’d just get tossed if no one wants to hang them in committee offices. So that’s cool!

I lost my jammer hat yesterday–I had it when I left my cubicle but when I got in at my apartment, it wasn’t there! What happened? NO! But then apparently someone found it and took it home with them and then brought it back and left it on the stair rail in the lobby on my floor (at work) so I could retrieve it when I was getting ready for lunch today! Yay!

On tap Magazine took pics at the January bout and put them in their February issue! They also posted pics from the Tsingtao Challenge, 3 of which feature yours truly in a supporting role! 🙂

If you’re visiting the blog direct rather than using Google Reader or the wordpress blogs page, you may have already noticed, I cleaned up the links a bit on the left and got more specific in categorization. Because I’m a nerd. Yes it makes me happy. :p There’ll likely be another new addition to the links, too, because I’l probably include the parent blog for this entry on roller derby/head injuries that everyone should read. CONCUSSIVE SCIENCE IS A BIG DEAL.

Thinking I will ask my primary care to refer me to one of the other orthos. I’m going to contact the current ortho again before I do, but he seems really resistant to doing anything, and I can’t do a lot of things I need to be able to do, and that has to be fixed. I’m working that leg out more, with an aim of strengthening the muscle, and the pain and weakness has not changed at all. (And it’s not pain and weakness associated with the extra working out, because when I take time off from working out, it continues.)

Judging from the pending copay to my insurance company listed on my card, I’ll be getting my meds in the mail tomorrow or the day after, so YAY THAT, too! And speaking of mental healthiness, go watch this. It’s long, but it’s worth it. Then share it with someone who needs it.


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