Phoning it In

I seem to be made of insomnia again, so I’m totes magotes phoning it in (as evidenced by the use of the phrase “totes magotes”) with LINKS TO OTHER PLACES.

First, why does DCRG need a warehouse? Here are 23 reasons. Okay, so really, it’s 13, with variations that are totally nuanced and important. Anyway, check it out, then PLEASE go donate!

DC’s City Paper is conducting a poll. If you are so inclined, please write in “DC Rollergirls Bout” for “best place for the Obama’s next date night” category, “DC Rollergirls” for best sports team, and “Department of Skate” for best skate shop and best new retail store categories. Because it’s all true. You know it is. (Girl you know it’s true! ooh, ooh, ooh, go vote for DCRG!)

Speaking of Department of Skate, run by DCRG’s own Velocityraptor and Helena Handbag*, check out this sweet press they’re getting. HuffPo like’s ’em, too! So does Yelp! Get on the bandwagon before it’s the cool new thing to do and like ’em on facebook. If your in the area (or know exactly what you want) send some cash their way in exchange for goods and services!

This weekend is the Charm City Home Championships and the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens-hosted Battle of the Freshies! You should go to both if you can.

Okay, I’m 11 minutes overdue on my lunch break. Fly, you fools, to those other links. And I’m sorry, my nerd reference filters are the first thing to go down when I’m tired. (The second thing is my “is this funny or horribly rude?” filters)

*brain no want to brain! mistyped Hellie’s name when my fingers went all autopilot. Better now!


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