Today is full of suck, but I kinda feel happy.

So today: head full of stabby dried up mucus fighting with gooshy, suffocatey mucus. Migraine with nausea (first one with nausea in many months, DRAT IT ALL). Throat that is all dry and tight and achy and hates me. Throat woes doubled by migraine meds (though at least the nausea and a lot of the headpain is gone!) Swallowing is ridiculously painful. It’s less ridiculous if there’s food, but swallowing water? It’s like swallowing fire. Also my lymph nodes in my throat are back to swelling. On the advise of a friend who is also a pharmacist, I emailed the doc to request another course of meds.

You know how over at Hyperbole and a Half there’s that post about being an adult? I am firmly in the I’M A SUCCESS phase. I spent less than $100 on totally healthy (and long lasting!!) groceries, (though I screwed it up a little when I went to Rite Aid to get my B-2 and saw cadbury eggs of both the cream and mini varieties….) Last night I made a dish of rotini and elbows with a tomato based sauce with peas, bell peppers, onions, and bay scallops (and garlic of course, but being Italian, I feel like that is assumed.) I didn’t even use a recipe, just winged it! AND IT IS DELICIOUS. I have been enjoying lots of fruit, trying new things, reducing the amount of processed food I eat (though I still need to plan in advance more, so I am not caught flatfooted when I need a snack while making a meal, or when I need to bring one somewhere. I just rearranged some bill payments and reduced services so I’d be paying less. I’M AN ADULT.

For Christmas, my uncle gave me a book (and two bookmarks and a t-shirt with the grinch emblazoned on it, but the important part for the purposes of this post is the book). This is not unusual, since I went to school to be a librarian, and I bring more books than clothes to our yearly week-long family trip to the beach, my family knows I like to read. But this book was nonfiction. Which, you know, if fine and all, but I rarely pick up a nonfiction book unless it’s like, a photo-encyclopedia of marine life or something (my first serious career ambition was to be a marine biologist.) The book is Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, about a computer nerd turned advocate for literacy in the third world. A few years ago, the same uncle who gave me this book spent part of his summer in Africa with his life partner (they’ve been together forever, but aren’t married. I jokingly refer to her as my common-law aunt, but that’s basically what she is) teaching at a school there. (His day job is in linguistics and translating, and hers is as a teacher at an american-expat school in Europe.) I asked a LOT of questions about it, because it seemed like such a cool project. And then when we did the book drive last year for DCRG/Dewey Donation System, I nagged all my family about contributing to it. So I can see where he would get the idea I’d like this book. I finally got around to starting it earlier this week and OMG YOU GUYS IT IS SO GOOD. I had basically glossed right over the cover info that indicates it has anything to do with anything books-related and was just like “leaving microsoft, blah blah” but by the end of the first chapter I was moved to tears, both at the plight of the Nepalese schools and that this guy did something about it (though at that point, he hadn’t. but dude, he wrote a book about doing it so I figured I was safe to assume.) I highly recommend it. Room to Read has joined First Book and of course in my list of literacy-and-reading-related-charities to support. You should check them and this book out, you guys.

Oh, and update on my leg: it hurts to put on socks. Last night, I rolled over on my side and my leg ended up on top of a fold of the comforter on my bed and that hurt. This is not awesome. Waiting to hear back from the ortho (I reported those issues as well as the ones I’ve mentioned here previously) but I am NOT A HAPPY BUNNY as far as this is concerned.



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5 responses to “Today is full of suck, but I kinda feel happy.

  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I put it on hold at the library.

    I hope you get some answers from your ortho about your leg! Have a good weekend.

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