That was totally fun. No really.

Friday I noticed that my neck was puffing up and my throat was getting sore again (eating was fine, but drinking hurt.) I mentioned that, I think. I got a response from the doctor saying “the amoxycillin should have worked, go to urgent care to get another examination.” So I did.

According to my parking ticket thing, I entered the garage at 5:40. I finally drew the notice of the lady at the urgent care counter and got my info put in the computer at 5:50. I sat down to wait, and read my book, and cursed that I had forgotten my cellphone that morning. (They have an internet portal in the waiting room, but it is broken, so it was of no use in letting The Boy know where I was.) Around an hour later I was called back, but just for triage. After describing why I was there, again, and getting my vitals taken, I was sent to get my throat swabbed and then to sit in the waiting room some more. (This was when I discovered the broken state of the terminal.) At 8:20, I was called back to wait in a room; “Someone will be with you shortly,” I was told. Another hour, a trip to the bathroom, and a trip to the nurse’s desk to ask whether or not I’d be seen any time soon and I finally got visited by the doctor. The whole time I am feeling stupid for even being there, because OMG IT’S BARELY ANYTHING JUST GIVE ME SOME MEDS AND LET ME GO HOME. It’s not like penicillin has some amazing street value, or is gonna get me stoned. So anyway, the doctor was very nice but basically seemed to think I was overreacting, and did a far less thorough examination than the previous one (she looked in my mouth, but didn’t depress my tongue or use a light, she felt my neck but nothing else, didn’t listen to my lungs or heart, kept dismissing bits of my story) and then told me that since I’m concerned the infection isn’t gone, she’d put me on zpack and do a monospot. I told her that I had had mono before in case it would have an affect on the test, and she said it would not. Which is not what the rest of the internet says, but whatever, it doesn’t feel like it felt last time I had mono, and I’m not paying extra for tests or anything so do what you want. I get my blood drawn for the monospot and head over to the pharmacy to get my zpack and some migraine meds I had asked my neuro to renew for me, since I was there anyway. It took a little while because they were all filled separately, by different people, and put in different places, apparently. I finally got my ticket validated and went down to go home. I pulled up to the ticket thing for the garage at 10pm. It kept trying to charge me, so I had to back up, turn around, go back and park, walk back up to the kaiser offices, get it re-validated, and then do it all again. I was less than thrilled.

Spent the entire weekend either napping or goofing off watching hulu or reading the internet. I suppose I could have mono, but it is all sleepiness in my head instead of physical fatigue in my muscles. Who knows. At least I can stay awake and go to work and stuff when I gotta. Last day is Thursday.

Derby stuff: Photos of the DC All-Stars playing CTRG’s Stepford Sabotage, and scrimmaging against Suburbia, as well as this article, “In Defense of Falling Down.” Enjoy; I am sleepy and want to finish these last folders so I can start the paperwork before going home.



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  1. This was at “Urgent” Care?

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