Last Wednesday at work

I finished my last accession (I have no idea what I’ll be doing tomorrow, since my files are pretty much in order and will be going to my boss anyway). I’m going to lunch with my boss tomorrow (her treat, because she’s a sweetheart.) Applied to some jobs. Hoping I get hired soon.

Saw the urologist, he wants to do a catscan to see how many stones are in my kidneys, so I’m doing that Friday. (First day I don’t have to drive in the city, and I have to drive in the city, lol.) No word on the monospot or from the ortho about my leg pain, which is not going away and is in fact happening more frequently. (Driving and walking up steps.) Sent another email. If I don’t hear anything by end of business tomorrow, I’ll ask my PCP to refer me to one of the others, since this is bullshit.

Nothing much else to report. The doctor thinks The Boy has mono, which makes my having it more likely, as well (so we’d really like to get the test results back…) I tried to talk him into doing half days at work, because the idea of taking a month off horrified him. He resisted, but ended up coming home early today. Hopefully he gets lots of rest and finishes whatever it is he has to do soon and then takes some fricken time off! I’m gonna skate outside Saturday, because I wanna see how this pain affects regular skating and crossovers (not gonna do anything fancy!) It didn’t hurt at all when I went skating last, so hopefully it still won’t hurt when I skate.


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