Last Day

So today was my last day at work. My boss gave me permission to goof off if I wanted, but also had a library project for me to do if I wanted, so I did that. (We recently pruned our collection, so I updated the catalog, which was a table in a wordperfect file but is now an excel spreadsheet.) There were a lot of additions that hadn’t been cataloged, too, so I made a sheet of them as well, and a check out tracking sheet, since I think one or two of the missing volumes got glommed by a staffer or something. Then Boss took me to lunch and on the way back we stopped in at the Folger to see the latest exhibit. When I got back I went through a bunch of floppy discs (3.5″) we found last week in a subcommittee storage locker, which makes me teehee. There were like 40 of them. I transferred them to the archival sharedrive, and they’ll probably go to the dumpster once Boss takes a minute to affirm we don’t need the floppies anymore. Everyone’s been really nice, I got a sweet card that all the non-des folk in our office, the folk in the historian’s office, and a couple clerks on subcommittees who I worked with signed, and our sysadmin brought cookies in. I really hope to get another position here soon, it was such a good experience, and it’s so fascinating to see what gets done in government, and how it gets done. Schoolhouse Rock’s Bill is only part of the tale!

My time off will be spent working on this year’s DCRG/DC public library fundraiser/book sale/bookdrive, skating, taking classes for my RM certificate, learning to code at and of course, looking for work! I get 60 days severance, but I am hoping to get a job before April starts. Severance doesn’t direct deposit, so I’ll be popping in every two weeks starting mid-March, and checking out opportunities that come up!

Still haven’t heard from the ortho, gonna ask my pcp for a referral to a different one. Since my first ortho said get the tibia plate out after around a year b/c people experience irritation and the second (current) one said leave it in, hopefully the third will give a definitive opinion, and if it is to be leave it in, a reason for the pain and a way to get rid of it!



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2 responses to “Last Day

  1. It sounds like a good last day, as these things go – and hopefully you will be back there soon. I hope you do get see another ortho and he/she can help.

    Good luck with the job-hunting.

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